The Plan


Deep breath moment…  I’ve been concentrating on getting some websites finished off for customers as they’ve been outstanding for quite a while now.  I’m writing my own PHP back office to provide content management and such like, so it’s been a major undertaking.  Sadly this has absorbed most of my potential modelling time over the past week or so.  My brother is moving flats in the next few weeks as well, so I’m going to have to assist him there as his new flat needs a little bit of work done before he can move in.  On Monday I worked late on a server at work, so late that I pretty much came home and almost went straight to bed.

This has kind of forced my hand as to how to get enough time together in before Games Day to finish my entry.  So I’m taking a half day next Thursday (time owed from working late this week) and the Friday & Monday.  Even if I have to do stuff round my brothers flat over that weekend, I have this Sunday (hopefully), all evenings next week and those two and a half days – plus hopefully some of the weekend.  If that’s not enough to get my Dreadnought done then there isn’t any hope!

Oh, bit by bit the new Space Wolves released are being leaked onto the internet.  Warseer seems to have the best pictures currently.  The basic concept is that they’re releasing a sprue with enough components to make up a squad of ten heavily customised marines, but has enough bits on it to be combined with regular marine boxed sets (tactical, assault, devastator and scout!) to make the various packs in an army.  There is a five man wolf guard terminator boxed set (that looks awesome), plus a couple of redone characters (Njal & a new character).  Sadly it seems that they’re keeping the old Logan, Ragnar and Ulrik.  However conversions should be much easier, plus I actually prefer to not use characters.

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