Great, just when I was getting into the swing of things again I go and injure myself.  I’ve somehow managed to end up with an inflamed lung lining, this was absolute agony yesterday.  So I am now on a short course of anti-inflamatories, hopefully it sorts itself out by the weekend as I’m meant to be out at a 30th Birthday party.  However I have stolen a batton from my Beastmen Ungors and stuck my Sky Claws onto it, these got sprayed yesterday and I have begun to paint the white elements of the faces – although didn’t get very far as I felt awful.  My Wolf Guard terminator is progressing as well with quite a few useful comments and tips from the CMoN community.  This picture is actually out of date but shows the general progress.

From the above photo I have deepened the shadows further, which has defined the areas further.  I need to push the highlights closer to pure Space Wolf Grey as well which will make the contrast difference between the highlight and shadow significant.  I also think that for future models I will darken the red by adding more Dark Flesh to the mixture.  This should provide a greater contrast for the highlights and also bring the model more ‘earthly’ than it currently is.

Oh, as I’m aware that this is a test piece I’ve actually purchased a spare set of legs, a torso and a head so that I could remake this model 🙂

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