New Space Wolves Wolf Guard


As I’m still in the planning phase with whatever I choose to do for next years Golden Demon, I decided that I’d start to assemble some of the new Space Wolf mini’s I bought at Games Day as it’s my intention to have at least assembled a 1500 point army by the early part of next year.

I’ve finished putting together a Wolf Guard Terminator with Assault Canon.  I will be honest and say that I’m very impressed with the new boxed sets, unlike some other plastics the tidying up is either straight forward or minimal.  The sheer number of weapon variations is also staggering – I think that you have around 3 pairs of weapons for every body so can kit them out in pretty much any variation you fancy.  I think the only slight disappointment is the heads.  Even though there are a dozen on the Wolf Guard sprues and 44 in the Wolf Pack boxed set, you’re actually limited on what is suitable if you want to go for un-helmeted heads and keep some kind of variety without converting any.  Some of the heads are clearly blood claw, some are grey hunter and some would be suitable for any, however a number of the hair styles are truly rediculous.  One has what can only be described as a medieval bob – not exactly feral nor in keeping.  What would have been cool would have been a few bald heads that would have made it really easy to convert (that still had teeth etc).  There is also a distinct lack of beards.  That said, a number of the heads are spot on and a number can be converted pretty simply.  I think that the only other gripe is all of the legs in the Wolf Pack box are standing – none of them are running.

Overall the sprues are fantastic and should add tons of flavour to any Space Wolves army.  Oh and with luck I’ll have a copy of the new codex waiting for me tonight.

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