And A Happy New Year!


Yes, ignore the fact that it’s actually the 14th January!  The past couple of months have flown by as they have a tendancy to do around the Christmas period.  I have actually done quite a bit of painting during that time too.  Not as much as I would have liked, but enough to say that I’ve done bits.  I completed a test Ogre head and actually started on main Ogre, managed to do some fairly impressive rust effect on the metal parts too.

For Christmas I actually got given two of the new GW Paint Stations and a box of Ungor Beastmen that will go a little way to starting my Beasts of Chaos army up again.  One of the Paint Stations I managed to get swapped for a Shrine of the Aquila – a huge terrain piece that as my girlfriend pointed out can be used to display miniatures on, in addition to gaming with (yes she’s a fantastic lady who encourages me in my hobby ;).  I’ve assembled this obscenly large piece of scenary, got it all undercoated and have started to airbrush it with pretty good results.  I’ve only started the blue outer colour and not got onto the interior cream yet, but it’s progressing solidly.  I’m away this weekend, but want to make a concerted effort over the next couple of weeks & the weekend between and get at least to the point where I can weather it like they do in the ForgeWorld painting book – basically with oil paint and stream it so that it looks dirty and grimey.  I’ll do this on a test piece first though – not going to risk it on the actual main piece!  I’ll get a picture or two of it up once I work out the best way of taking it – it’s substantially larger than I’m used to taking.

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