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I’ll add a progress shot up tonight, but yesterday I actually did get paint onto the main Dreadnought assembly of my Golden Demon entry.  I’m getting the hang of the airbrush as well, which should make things much easier in the long run.  I begun to shade and re-undercoat the various bit last night as well, though my eyes were starting to go fuzzy so sadly had to stop – mind you not that surprising as I’d been airbrushing in the garage, where the light isn’t that fantastic.

My deadline is still very tight (verging on the impossible), as the base needs to be painted and the cloak finished, both of which could feasibly be classed as a model in their own right.  Sadly I’m out tomorrow evening at a friends (though am planning on coming home early) and out for a few beers on Thursday and I can’t get out of either – not enough time left!!!  I have two items that I aim to get done tonight – shading and highlighting of the Dreadnought.  I’m going for a pretty simple scheme here, shaded with carefully applied washes (three or four colours), plus lined with a codex grey and charadon granite mix (this looks like lightly weathered dirt).  Highlighting will be fortress grey on a wet pallette (which keeps it moist for longer and help to prevent chalking up) and sharp edge highlights with skull white.

Once that is done I have to finish re-undercoating the metal areas, which roughly break into two items – steel and bronze, then paint these up.  Thankfully metallics are not horrifically complex to paint.  I can then park the body on one side and work on the cloak.

Currently I’m meant to be working on my brothers flat again on Saturday – however I’m toying with the idea of taking another one of my precious days holiday and using this to stand a chance at getting everything painted.

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