They Come from the skys – Kharadron Overlords


Kharadron Overlords Games Workshop are certainly running in top gear at the moment.  The early hours of Tuesday morning saw a surprise preview of Duardin Kharadron Overlords, a new Starter Set game in the form of Thunder & Blood, Warhammer Underworlds: Shadowspire, an Age of Sigmar competitive game and Shadow War: Armageddon which is based on the original Necromunda rules.  Phew!  All of these items were on show at the GAMA show which is a business trade fair for board game companies and re-sellers.

Duardin Kharadron Overlords

From the skies come the airborne armadas of the Kharadron Overlords – sky-fleets of iron-clad warriors aboard fantastical machines of war armed with powerful aetheric weapons.

They are a proud people and masters of strange alchemical powers. Guided by their Kharardron Code, and long-hidden from the rampaging forces of the Dark Gods, they did not merely survive the Age of Chaos, they thrived.

With the dominion of Chaos receding, they venture forth once more to seek plunder and riches among the realms.

Now these aren’t the Steamhead Duardin we’ve heard mention, so nobody is sure if we’re still likely to get more Steampunk-esq Duardin or if this is going to be the lot.  However I’m loving the completely unique atheistic and wondering how I can jig around my workload to fit in a nice contingent of them…

For bigger pictures of the Kharadron Overlords have a look at the Warhammer Community post.

Thunder & Blood

This appears to be a very entry level game which contains a number of the models from the original starter set, but cast in gold and red plastic.  The box becomes part of the scenery and it also has a battle mat.

Warhammer Underworld: Shadowspire

Not very much is known about this currently other than it’s a game set in the Age of Sigmar period and designed for organised, competitive play.  Speculation was it could have been a Mordheim slant, but that doesn’t seem too likely based on the fact it’s for organised play?  Time will tell!

Shadow Wars: Armageddon

We know a bit more about this 40k release than Shadowspire.  The ruleset in the game is the same one from Necromunda, but using marines and orks.  Not entirely sure how that will work, but it sounds quiet intriguing.

The biggest thing however is the scenery, which is modular and looks amazing.  I can actually see this game being a huge hit based purely on people buying it for the terrain!

Have a look at the video on Warhammer Community to see all of the modular options!

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