More Blood Warriors – the Goretide Begins to Grow

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Khorne Bloodbound - ProgressSo my Khorne Bloodbound has begun to grow from it’s small 1000 points and last Friday I began to put together a second unit of Blood Warriors, though this time armed with paired Goreaxes (which allows me to re-roll To Hit rolls of 1 in combat).

My original intention had been to assemble five of the box and pack out my original unit and then use the rest for kit-bashing chariots and similar.  However after some thought, I can’t see me adding chariots to the army anytime soon, so it just made sense to make the whole unit up for my 2000 points.

Blood Warriors Progress

Blood Warrior with GoreglaiveI had been hoping to finish off my two Slaughterpriests over the weekend, but the weather in the UK conspired against me, stopping me doing any undercoating until yesterday evening, so I cracked on through the Blood Warriors instead and did a bit of a kit-bash on the champion with Goreglaive and made him look quite a bit different to the regular Goreglaive.

I did manage to squeeze in a bit of hobby yesterday though and once undercoated, I painted up the necklace for one Slaughterpriest, so once glued in he’s finished other than the base and blood effect.  The loin cloth and helmet for the other are being done at the same time as the Blood Warriors are being painted as they share the same colours and finish.

With luck I can get the base colours on the gold and most of the red tonight as I actually have an evening in for a change.

Blood Warriors


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