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Khorne Skullcannon WIP1After the frantic amount of painting undertaken in the lead up to the Seeds of Hope campaign, I’ve been taking things a bit easier and been painting up a Khorne Skullcannon to add a bit of ranged firepower to my Age of Sigmar army.  This “hobby light” period has been intentional to prevent any potential burn out and to catch up with some of the real-life things I’d put to one side to get my army painted.

Khorne Skullcannon

Firstly I will say that this has to be one of the fiddliest models I’ve ever put together both in terms of assembly and painting.  There are a lot of parts that prevent easy access to other pieces, so you need to think seriously about the best way to sub-component everything.  The main body is also two-part so you need to do overgluing and then carefully tidy it up so that you eliminate any potential seam lines.

I ended up with the main body, front wheel, tongue and Bloodletters (on foot rest).  I also left off the two piston covers from the back until I’d base coloured and washed the covers and pistons.  Because of this there isn’t a decent way of holding the Khorne Skullcannon to paint it so for the first time ever I’ve resorted to holding it with a vinyl glove.  Sadly this will still rub paint off, so you need to really think carefully about the order you paint things.  One thing that I did that I’d change if I do another is the Nuln Oil wash over the Corvus Black base colour – I’d certainly leave as one of the last steps.  There is also quite a big call to base coat pretty much everything before washing, as washes rub off quite easily.

But as you can see from the picture, I’m quite happy with how it’s starting to come together.  I’ve painted the flesh components in the same way I did the Khorgorath rather than the traditional pink flesh as it harmonises with the rest of the army a lot better.  The bone parts need to be highlighted and everything needs edge highlighting (I’ve done the black edge highlight on two panels near the rear wheel).


I think I’ve probably another couple of weeks worth of work until I complete my Khorne Skullcannon as this next weekend is pretty busy and edge highlighting takes quite a while (I’ve the black and metallics to do).

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