Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook and Goretide Progress

Age of Sigmar Archive Painting

Age of Sigmar Generals HandbookWell that’s another week gone and we’re now past the longest day and almost half way through the year.  It’s been a pretty crazy year so far in the real world and the hobby world has been an exciting one too and not showing any signs of letting up with things like the Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook on the horizon and the new summer campaign which I’m sure we’ll hear more about soon.

Age of Sigmar Generals Handbook

Unless you’ve been living in a box, I think that the vast majority of Age of Sigmar players should now be aware that the Generals Handbook has now been completed and preview copes sent out to some suppliers and a handful of individuals.  There are plenty of photos appearing on the internet that contain the long awaited points system and how it work.  Needless to say you’ve still got the nay-sayers who don’t like how the new Battleline unit system works (roughly equivalent to Core troops in the old system) or some other minor things.

From the pictures I’ve seen the impression I get is that the Generals Handbook has actually hit the nail on the head and some of the potential problems and questions have been handled really well.  One good example is you have to pay for summoned units out of your points allowance and if you choose to use a Battalion then that has an associated cost too.  Apparently the app will be updated to include points too.

Although points values seems to be the most popular item, Games Workshop have pulled a blinder and incorporated the “Path to Glory” rules into the new Narrative play style included in the Generals Handbook.  This has been expanded to cover all armies and means you’ll be able to play a pretty awesome campaign between your friends.  It also contains rules for a map based campaign similar to the old school Mighty Empires.

The current rumour is that the Generals Handbook is going to cost around £10, which if true is a very good price and I can see it becoming a main staple in every players repertoire.

Goretide progress

The last couple of bits have been done on my Khorgoroth so he’s ready for varnishing and then basing 🙂

I’ve managed to crack on with my new box of Blood Warriors and have these assembled, undercoated and am well underway with the base colours.  My Daemonsmith is included in this mix too as he shares quite a few of the colours being used.


Weekly Challenge

Unsurprisingly I’m continuing to plough through my Blood Warriors.  I’ve actually got a decent amount of free time this week, so am hoping that I will be able to finish putting the base colours down and giving them a wash before the weekend.  I’ve then a lot of edge highlighting and finish to do!

  • Finish Blood Warriors
  • Undercoat Mighty Lord of Khorne

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