Thirty Years of Space Marines and a Small Gap

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Thirty Years of Space Marines
The Imperial Space Marine

It’s been a frantic few weeks where I’ve been out quite a bit and also been frantically preparing for a game I had with my brother last Sunday.  This post is sadly going to have to suffice for the next fortnight too as I’m going to Berlin with work next week.

Thirty Years of Space Marines Event

This weekend saw Games Workshop run an event celebrating Thirty Years of Space Marines.  A limited edition miniature (the Imperial Space Marine) was created along with a hard-back book (Index Astartes Apocrypha) with lots of classic artwork and nostalgia showing how the 1986 marine ended up in its current incarnation.  A set of Space Marine specific Psychic Power Cards was also released alongside some Codex supplements.

Thirty Years of Space Marines - Imperial Space MarineMy brother and I went to the local Swindon store and were lucky enough to pick up a marine each and I also picked up one of the new books.  I say lucky because Swindon only had a very limited stock of the miniature and books which sold out entirely before lunchtime – which included miniatures initially put aside for Sunday.  The website also sold out of miniatures before the end of the day, so anybody who went to purchase one on Sunday will have been disappointed

I’m a big fan of Games Workshop but think it’s really bad that they had been promoting the Thirty Years of Space Marines event as being the whole weekend and ran out of stock.  Considering the plastic sprues are produced in Nottingham, I cannot see when it sold out why an option for “sprue only” couldn’t have been added and a PDF of the rules e-mailed out, the cost for an additional production run would have easily been covered even if they reduced the price of the miniature.

Overall the Thirty Years of Space Marines event was pretty good, but slightly marred by the stock issue.

The Wolves Drive to War (with more guns)

Space Wolves vs Daemons 16-04-16
Space Wolves and Daemons Clash!

Following my game in March, I’ve re-written my 1500 point Space Wolves army list, including one of the Dreadnoughts I’m working on and the two Land Speeders, dropping the Wulfen and Wolf Priest from my previous list.  In addition to this, I assembled a new pack of Long Fangs, two Wolf Guard pack leaders and glued together three Rhino chassis to field as Razorbacks.  This massive flurry of extra models meant I completely ran out of time to write last weeks blog post or get much more done on the metallics of my Dreadnoughts.

Long Fangs with Forge World Underslung Missile Launchers
Long Fang Pack with Forge World Underslung Missile Launchers

The final result was a Daemon win with 5 victory points versus my 3.  I do think an extra turn would have seen me steal an objective which would have resulted in a draw – but I did have some iffy rolls and he summoned quite a few extra units.

Geokinesis Card 4 - Phase Form
Geokinesis – Phase Form

I decided to use the new Librarius psychic powers I picked up at the Thirty Years of Space Marines event and am quite impressed, they seemed much more useful than the Tempestas powers I’ve always stuck with.  Looking forward to trying some of the others now.  Geokinesis looks a lot of fun and Technomancy looks like it’ll be fantastic against vehicle heavy armies.

I’ve also given my army another small tweak, sacrificing two Grey Hunters, a Razorback and a Wolf Guard in exchange for a Wolf Guard battle leader and second Rune Priest – a pretty fair exchange I think as it’ll allow me to use a Psyker formation.

Weekly Hobby Challenge

Resin Mountain - Washed and Ready
Resin Mountain

Because I’m away for a chunk of next week I’m going to list up two sets of challenges.  I do have quite a bit of a mess at home so the next couple of weeks has to work towards tidying things up a bit.  I have managed to wash all of my Forge World resin models which opens up some options.

Finish assembling the 3 Razorbacks

Glue together the Las/Plas Razorback turret

Finish the Long Fang Ancient (bolt pistol and backpack)

This should actually clear quite a bit of my half done projects on my sofa 😉

Glue together some Thallax

Dreadnought metallics

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