Win a Titan! with Forge World


Win a Titan! with Forge WorldThis week’s Forge World Newsletter has surprised us all with the offer to Win a Titan! with every order over £100.  The offer goes on until the last day of March so there’s plenty of time to get an order together.  On offer are two Warhounds, a Reaver and the massive Warlord Titan!

The Warhounds and Reaver are both available in their Imperial or Chaos versions so it’s not limited to people who play Horus Heresy – though clearly you’re going to have more chance to use it in games if you do win.  There are a few terms and conditions, such as the £100 must be the paid amount, vouchers and postage don’t count. You also need to name a Titan and write a short piece of narrative – read the Terms and Conditions for the full run down!

A bit like the Imperial Knight Scion offer, the chance to Win a Titan does make placing an order after the next pay day a very attractive proposition!

Win a Titan! top newsletter image
Win a Titan! bottom newsletter image

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