Five Weekends until the Age of Sigmar Open Day and Seeds of Hope Campaign

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Get ready for a bit of procrastination – I’ve got a new hobby deadline!

Age of Sigmar Open Day

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day 2016The 13th August is the Age of Sigmar Open Day and I’ve decided (possibly stupidly) to put my name down for the free gaming day on the Sunday.  Currently the only information we have is that it’s related to the Seeds of Hope summer campaign event and that we’ll find out a bit more at a later date.

Goretide Progress

With that date in place, it’s time have a muse and see where I am with my Goretide and how best to structure the remaining days until the Age of Sigmar Open Day.  Through a very imprecise calculation, I’ve got about three full weekends free between now and the Open Day once I take out things like the Forge World Open Day.  I generally have 3 evenings each week over the next six(ish) weeks and an odd spare weekend day too.

On the surface I’ve barely done anything on my Bloodbound, my painted model count is currently at 8 of which all need their bases done, one needs a some bits finished and another needs varnishing.  Oh and I was thinking of applying a verdigris effect too.  Not particularly impressive.  But that’s enough negativity 🙂


The ten Blood Warriors I’m currently working on should be finished by the end of this coming weekend (though it is a busy weekend).  I’ve finished the flesh highlight so just got onto the edge highlighting which I’m hoping won’t be too arduous.  This will more than double what I’ve got painted and give me a very solid core for the army.   After that I think I need to crack out the Mighty Lord of Khorne, who I hope I can do in a couple of weeks, possibly less (the base might be huge but it is after all only two models).  If I can get him done in time for the 23rd (Generals Handbook release day) I’ll be really chuffed.

Khorne Blood Warriors WIP8

Once he’s done I’ll have painted roughly half of the Bloodbound I’ve currently got and reckon I should be half way into my timetable.  By then I should know what I’m going to need to play on the Sunday (with luck) and have an idea if playing is feasible and if so what I’m going to need to get done.  One benefit is that at that point I’ll have two completely free weekends before the Age of Sigmar Open Day.  Given how long I’ve taken to paint the Blood Warriors, this should be enough time to crack out another unit and base all of them in one hit.  Looking at the Bloodreavers, they look simpler to paint than the Blood Warriors – a lot less edge highlighting (though more flesh) which could mean that I may be able to paint up all 20.  My back up plan is to pick up a couple of boxes of Bloodletters, who are much simpler to paint (plus the base colours can be airbrushed on in a couple of hours) and can go with another unit of ten my brother has offered to loan me.

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