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Rune PriestWhat’s this?  A second post within a week!  OK, I’ll admit it’s me wanting to show off a little as I’m quite chuffed with the progress I’ve made on my Rune Priest conversion.  I say conversion loosely, it’s a 100% plastic offering but with a bit of modification.  The photo to the right shows the current state of him.  I’ve left the head and backpack off to paint separately as they’d be more awkward to do if I glued them on.  I’ve airbrushed an initial coat of German Panzer Grey on – I’ve decided to go for a dark grey rather than black so that the armour should naturally come out a fraction lighter, this is my main character after all!  The primer has shown up a slightly rough bit round the collar which I need to sort out

2014-11-09 21.36.01-1Here’s the “mock” before things got glued and I properly green-stuffed some more fur on to blend the shoulder pad in.  The chest piece is from a one of the really old Space Wolf sprues.  The back of the torso, staff and hand are Grey Knight pieces.  One shoulder pad and backpack is from Krom Dragongaze, with the arms from various current Space Wolf sprues.  Finally the MkIV legs come from the new tactical sprue, I’m likely only going to have one set in the army so thought I’d make them count 😉

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