Office, tanks and Flickr


Well a few months have passed since my last post and for a change only a portion of them have been idle.  After the New year I decided that my office/painting & modelling area was well overdue a tidy as the abundance of crap on my desk meant I couldn’t paint or model there even if I had been able to get through the deluge of further crap on the floor.  So three weeks ago I set out and have sorted out the whole office into a usable state.  I once more have a floor with visible carpet, a desk with my computer set up and a desk with a clear area for painting & modelling.  I’ve got some extra “bitz” storage on the desk and have tidied underneath the desk so that I can actually get my legs under it.  The cupboard has had a rudimentary sort out and on Sunday I got a load of surplus miniatures up on eBay so that I can free up space and make a bit of cash as well.  One thing that I’m very concious of is keeping the painting & modelling desk tidy enough to use throughout the year.  To this effect I’m forcing myself to only work on two project’s at a time – one painting and one modelling.  Modelling projects inherently cause more mess so it’s likely I’ll only be actively working on one thing.

To this extent, one of the items I pulled out of the cupboard is the sprues for a friends Stormlord Super Heavy Tank.  I say sprues because a while back I had a tin of cellulose thinners leak in the cupboard and it messed up the box it was in.  I’ve had this tank for at least 2 years now so have over the past couple of weeks gone all guns blazing on getting it put together.  Last night whilst the weather had calmed down (at 11pm) I managed to undercoat most of the tank and turrets chaos black, so I’m one step closer to being able to get some colour on.  I only have two autocannons to finish tidying up (that go on the back) and the main gun had the last bit of glue drying overnight.  I’m going to aim to get it fully painted by the middle of February so that it can be given back and then I can plod on with something else, most likely my Ogre Ironblaster.

Finally I’ve just started a Flickr account so that I can post up all of my progress shots of models in there.  Although I’m more than happy to host them on my own webserver, doing things in Flickr will mean that it’s searchable within Google and placed like Games Workshop are now showing pictures from Flickr on their website.

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