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Very impressivly the bits that I ordered on Sunday arrived yesterday.  That was a sheet of textured plasti-card and some plastic strips from Fred Aldous, and the pair of heavy bolters with drum magazines from Bits and Kits.  The turn around for these was fantastic and I really wasn’t expecting them until today at the earliest.

Blood Doning went very well and in all honesty I felt absolutly fine afterwards, so decided that I’d begin to tidy up the heavy bolters.  These are going to need a little bit more work than I was planning, but nothing too major.  The top part of the gun (including the little sight stub) needs to be trimed off, along with the strip that acts as a barrel support.  The end piece will have the guns stacked one on top of the other, so the drum magazines will be located on the side of the actual gun.  This also means that the gun barrel/muzzle needs to be cut off and moved to be in the centre of the body when in this orientation.  I may just use plastic tube for this as it means I won’t have to drill the barrel out.  However the guns are pretty spot on for what I was wanting.

I should have an evening to myself tonight, so will try and cut up the lascannon and see if that can be made into the mount that I want for the heavy bolters.  I also want to start filling the larger pieces, else I’m going to rapidly run out of time in order to hit my deadline of the 9th for airbrushing.  I have also been thinking about how to tackle the painting of the model.  I’m currently toying with the idea of keeping the legs and the torso separate.  With the exception of the groin cover and toes, the rest of the leg section is pure metal work (leg armour pieces are separate), as I’m extending the abdomen I could easily keep the two items separate until its all painted.  This would also mean that I can turn the torso into the equivalent of a lolly pop stick to paint 🙂

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