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Despite my best efforts (and one evening staying up late on caffeine energy drinks), I didn’t manage to finish off the entry I was doing for Golden Demon 2011.  About 6pm on Saturday (the day before the event) I spotted a mold line on one of the legs which only appeared with a certain light direction and after the application of a light colour and just admitted defeat.  This does mean that I can now take my time and finish off this model without the pressure of having to rush bits.  I need to look into the best way to strip the paint off the legs as I’m not happy with how they have gone.

Games Day 2011 was pretty good although as with all things there are things that could be improved on.  This year all of the “sales” element was collected together at one end of the NEC and access to this was restricted to perhaps a 50 or 60 people at a time.  This was really good as you were able to get round and buy stuff very effectively, however I personally felt quite rushed as I knew there was other people there waiting to come in.  My biggest complaint is that the queue for being allowed up to the area had no definition and you really didn’t know where you were meant to queue and where not.  I’m sure that next year they’ll address this.  Unlike some years there seemed to be enough things to view so that at no point did my brother or I feel like we were wandering round aimlessly.

The quality of the Golden Demon entries was, as we have come to expect, brilliant.  I do feel that there were less total entries and the overall quality of the LotR category was lower than the other categories.

I have been prodded by most members of my family and by my other half that I need to finish my current project and then get another one running.  Like last year I’m currently thinking of a 40k vehicle (although a Diorama is tempting).  Something that isn’t a dreadnought (as there were lots this year, although two did win Demons) and something that’s a bit more interesting than a Rhino.  Apparently (or so the rumours go), Necrons is out in November, so there may be something nice in that release.  I’d like to do a flyer or something similar, but currently the non-ForgeWorld choices out there are limited.  Eldar (of both Craftworld and Dark varieties) all require twirly freehand, which I’m not very proficient in.  Although it seems like a defeatist attitude, it is far better to play to my strengths than try and do something technically more difficult and do it poorly.


Links – Some nice imagery if I wanted to do a diorama!

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