Better late than never

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Sadly my afternoon & evening didn’t go as well as hoped.  I didn’t start until later than I’d planned and got interrupted with a problem from work, so even working till 11-30 I didn’t get the mini to a position to spray.  However with a little bit of work this morning the torso is now primed.  As expected, there are a few bits that need green stuffing to tidy them up and a few glue seepages that need scraping down.  The reason the photo looks shiney by the way is that this was taken less than five minutes after it had been sprayed – the final finish is very matt.

I think my next task is any filling on the arms, then secure all of the base together.  Although my original intention was a number of assemblies, I’m not going to do this now.  I realised that the weight of the torso, legs and arms is far too much to practically hold and paint, so this is going to get glued along with the base and tackled as a single entity.  I shall be keeping the fur/cloak separate however for ease of painting.  Once the cloak and torso are airbrushed, I’ll glue those together as well.

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