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IN MY musings of a potential idea for GD2012 and a 40k vehicle, I’m going to go over lots of different ideas and although the new Necron codex isn’t yet out have had a bit of a mooch and found a few Jes Goodwin concept pieces for Necron Vehicles.

Warmachine (big cannon); War Alters (transport);  War Barque (heavy transport for destroyers)

Now all of the above look really characteristic of Necron’s and in principal would be straight forward to create due to their angular construction.  The Warmachine would be the most complex as it has “horseshoe” shaped pieces around the giant gun and would likely require a small run of resin casts to create.  Depending upon the version, one of the War Alters could also be quire difficult as it has some quite curved bits – the difficult bit being the fact you need a identical mirror’d pair, but a pair of plasti-card pieces which you fill with a green/milliput type putty would actually work quite well for this.

One thing that would be worth doing is to design and create a full set of brass etchings to use (link on places).  This would allow for the various Necron symbols to be displayed all over the actual model and extra details too.  Due to the way brass etching works, you could get a huge number of pieces out of an A5 or A4 sheet which would add a really nice level of professionalism to the overall effect of the piece, plus it’s pretty easy to knock out in Adobe Illustrator.  I would need to make some very detailed plans of what I were to do, before I actually do it, which would allow me to ensure that all the pieces fit together happily – however it may be sensible to knock this out in a CAD package, which in itself might take more time than I want…

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