Working on The Wolves


As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I’ve been invited to have a game (well games technicall) of 40k with friends in Cheltenham using my Space Wolves.  This coupled with the fact I’ve agreed to also play some games with my brother on the weekend 18th ~ 20th March have made me dust off the Wolves in my cupboard and grab hold of my scalpal and green stuff in an effort to actually have at least a legal army put together!  I’ve started assembling a Rune Priest in Terminator armour to lead my 1000 point army that I’ll be using against my brother.  Plus have ordered a few extra bitz in order to make 5 more Skyclaws and a Wolf Guard to lead them.  Currently my intention is to max out all of the packs I’ve got and add at least one more pack of Grey Hunters.  I actually have three Rhino’s as well, so this would mean that I’ve a Rhino for each Grey Hunter pack – and in fact a Land Raider Crusader for the Blood Claws (if I make up a Power Armoured Wolf Guard Pack Leader).  Finish a Razorback and my Long Fangs and then I’ll hit my 1000 points without too much hassle.

I’ve just scared silly myself by creating an army list with every minature I currently have in – comes to around 2750 without any upgrades…  Now it’s technically an illegal army, with 4 HQ’s and 6 Heavy choices, but does highlight to me that I have more than enough miniatures to see me through until GW actually release a second wave of miniatures which hopefully will include plastic Thunderwolf Cavalry.

I’ve made the decision that I’m going to start again with pretty much all of the painting of my current wolves – including striping the vehicles I’ve got and redoing them.  I’m also going to airbrush the base colour on to them as I feel this is contributing to the reason I’ve not got anything finished (well one test piece).  By airbrushing the base colour, I’ll get all of the miniatures up to a state where I just need to shade and highlight the armour, which is a lot less daunting as a concept than having to paint this by hand – it will also be significantly quicker and more efficient on the paint front.

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