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I may be mad, but I’ve had a bit of a thought for a GD2010 project – a scratch build Thunderhawk Gunship.  Although you can actually purchase a Forgeworld model and GW have produced a metal one in the past (yes I remember that one – it came in a velvet lined oak box), it is still a fantastically impressive piece.  I’d likely make it in some kind of diorama carrying some vehicles or dropping off troops.

One of the really nice things about what is in essence a Space Marine vehicle is that it doesn’t need billions of rivets like a Imperial Guard vehicle would.  Although it would be a large project, the most complicated pieces are the two jet engines.  All of the weapons can be purchased from existing plastic kits.

Useful Links
http://www.grafstar.com/wh40k/resources.html – Contains some very rough plans (useful for scale)
http://www.ironhands.com/thawk.htm – A 2001 home grown one, using various plastic toys

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