Almost there


Well the weekend went quite well, especially considering I didn’t actually do lots in the way of modelling.  I did however get all 14 Blood Claws assembled & based and also finished off the Scouts and based those as well (yes two dozen bases).  So all I have left to do is the 6 Long Fangs, 2 Wolf Guard and 1 Battle Leader, plus Wolf Guard for the Sky Claws (I’m excluding the various metal ‘priest’ models I have).  By using various old marine components I had around I’ve actually managed to do it without using any of the bodies that were in the Battle Force boxed set, giving me 20 marines with which I can play with to fill out existing packs and to build a new one or two.  I think that my next step will be to assemble my Razorback.  I’ll then likely do the Long Fangs then the Wolf Guard and begin to convert and customise all of the models from there on.

One thing that has just gone through my mind is to expand the Sky Claws by 5 more marines.  I also am thinking to try and replace the meltagun I’ve kitted one of them out, with a flamer (a BS of 3 means a meltagun might not be the best weapon).

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