Golden Demon


Today I was lucky enough to be able to scrounge a lift to Swindon on September 27th.  For those who don’t know, September 27th (2009) is the date that Games Workshop is holding its annual ‘Games Day’ exhibition.  This is held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Bristol.  Every Games Workshop store runs a coach from the store to the NEC and back again and Swindon is the store closest to me.  Tickets to Games Day cost £30 this year, which (as with last year) include a limited edition model, the coach ticket from Swindon is £12 – yes that’s right, it’s cost me £42 plus whatever my lift wants for me to get there…

Thriftyness aside, this year should actually be quite good.  It’s likely to be the pre-release of the new Space Wolf line of models, so that’s really my main drive for going.  Now (again for those who don’t know), Games Day also includes the infamous Golden Demon modelling/painting competition, which I’m determined to get together an entry for.  Two reasons for this.  Firstly it gives me a proper aim, with a deadline for doing some modelling and painting.  Secondly, the Golden Demon entrants usually get to line up in a different queue and get to go in a little earlier – for me that’s a positive winner 😀

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