I have a whole weekend to myself!


For the first time this year I actually have a whole weekend entirely to myself!  My Mum and Sister are both away from Friday, with my Sister not being back until Sunday evening.  So much time what do I do?  In all seriousness I’ve got a few things that I need to catch up on, but do intend to spend one of the days working on assembling my wolves.

I’m hoping that somebody will go into GW in Swindon on Thursday and pick up the battle force of wolves.  This will mean that I’ve pretty much got all of the troops that I actually want for my army.  I’m tempted to aim to get my skyclaws (5), bloodclaws (15) and scouts (10) assembled up over the weekend.  The scouts require a significant amount of conversion and I aim to fur up at least 3 of the 5 cloaks that the snipers are wearing, so I would think that they’ll not be completely done.  I also treated myself on Sunday to a Runepriest, techmarine with servitors and a Razorback, plus ordered all of the heavy weapons from an online bitz store.  Off the top of my head that means that I should only need one more Razorback and I’ll have all of the models that I need to make my 2000 point army – that makes it sound much easier than the reality.  I want to do a handful of quite major conversions on characters within the army and things like the scouts and Long Fangs warrant more effort than the rest as there are only a few of them and (fluff wise) they’ve been around for quite a long time.  However the whole thing should be pretty straight forward so a target of next year for a complete army is actually possible.

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