Eighteen Done


It took me less time than I originally thought and I now have eighteen nicely based marines.  Five Skyclaws, a pack of five Grey Hunters and another pack of eight Grey Hunters.  Overall I’m very happy with how they’ve come out, the bases add 2 to 3 mm onto the height of each marine and because it’s not a consistent thickness makes them all seem slightly different heights (they’re not clones of each other after all).  My next task is to assemble the ten scouts that I have as these require arms, bodies and legs to be matched and if I move them then I’m going to end up muddling them all up.  I’m tempted to add more onto the bases with these, such as tree trunks and similar, but not sure yet.  I’ll probably do the massive fourteen strong pack of Blood Claws after that.  I can then concentrate on the Long Fangs and Wolf Guard (yes, I’d forgotten about the Wolf Guard Battle Leader and his friends).

Once they’re all based and ready I’ll go through and add any extra conversions and tweaks, such as fur on the scout cloaks, sand and talus on the bases etc.  The aim at that point is to make the all of the models gel together as units.

Of course I do have to assemble 3 more tanks and paint 4 of them (with a possible two more being repainted).  I reckon the tanks will most likely be my Christmas project!

I’m also currently wondering if I need the Iron Priest or not.  Originally it fitted in with the background fluff of Egil Iron Wolf, but that doesn’t make any difference anymore.  More Wolf Guard might be good – I could have a Lone Wolf, but then that’d end up being quite dull (they’re so good that most armies will have one).

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