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Ok, not everything is, but in principal the bulk of the Dreadnought is now assembled and ready for paint, despite the “don’t let him get it finished gremlin” making the carpet tiles at my brothers flat take longer than I want (not even finished yet).

I’ve still got the fur on the cloak to finish (not that much left to be honest), and the Chaos Space Marine on the base to give arms 😀

Overall I’m happy with how it looks.  Had I of had more time then I would have added more detail onto both arms and now that I’m a bit more adept with creating fur, likely would have had small patches of fur over various areas.  Right, off to get dressed and then do some more.  I’d like to get one of the arms of the marine on the base done, before I disemble the Dreadnought from the base to spray it – I’ve decided that the base will be done separately as I need to airbrush the marine to stand a chance of getting it all painted in time.

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