Not happy with the highlight

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Still running behind and hit my first hiccup.  I think that I’ve tried to highlight up too quickly.  By that I mean that I’ve gone stright from the Codex Grey base coat (which is dark as it’s layered on top of Adeptus Battlegrey) to Fortress Grey.  The end result is a pretty poorly blended highlight.  Sadly as I painted this with an airbrush it’s too late and complicated to repaint that area from scratch 🙁  I’ve blended in a bit with some neat Codex and it’s helped, but it’s not at the level of painting I’d hoped to achieve.  I also think that I’ve had too big-a-break from painting and have lost some of the brush control that I’d developed.  Quite gutting to be honest, but I’m just going to plough on.  I have booked Friday off as holiday so have a little bit of extra time.  The highlighting and shading were more time consuming as I really didn’t get into it properly – I find that when I have a bit of a ‘not happy with it’ moment, that I loose steam.

So when I get back tonight, my job is to finish the highlighting and shading (a tall order and late night might be involved).  Tomorrow is out as I have to go out, but Friday should allow me a good chunk of painting time.  Fingers cross that it’s enough!

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