Hit List


So that I can keep up with what things need to be done, I’ve knocked up this hit list, which looking at it, is unbelievably long…  The torso assembly is the bit that is worrying me the most as this is the bit I was hoping to have completed for the 9th.

Edit – updated 10th Aug

Leg Assembly

  • Re-sculpt & fill right thigh
  • Fill right ankle
  • Assemble right leg with bend + fill gaps in calf pistons
  • Cut off left leg
  • Fill left leg
  • Reposition toes on right foot to be curled downwards
  • Drill pelvis and insert new hip rods & pins
  • Insert pins for feet (keep as separate items for airbrushing)

Torso Assembly

  • Fit storm bolter onto its place on the base of the torso assembly
  • Cut armour plating for front torso (textured plasti-card)
  • Cut armour plating for top of torso (plain plasti-card)
  • Investigate best way of gluing edging onto the textured plasti-card
  • Clad edges of torso armour with 5mm strip Not done, just filled it
  • Fill all edges as necessary
  • Cut grey arm tube and glue into place
  • Glue torso base onto torso top
  • Sarcophagus sub-assembly
    • Cut semi-circular pieces and glue into place
    • Modify top of sarcophagus to make backing for head
    • Add wires & guitar strings to head area
    • Cut front curved piece and glue into place
  • Glue armour plating in place
  • Rivet all over
  • Stud all over

Heavy Bolter Arm Assembly

  • Modify heavy bolters and glue together
  • Clad heavy bolter assembly in plasti-card
  • Cut las-cannon elements from arm
  • Add arm pivots to arm
  • Create an elbow joint and bind heavy bolters and arm mount with plastic rod Not done, using ForgeWorld arm mount
  • Cut armour plating for shoulder and fit
  • Rivet and stud

Close Combat Arm Assembly

  • Modify powerfist, close the gaps in the fingers together for 3 of them in order to make it look more like a grasping fist.
  • Convert 3 fingers into claws?
  • Cut armour plating for shoulder and fit
  • Rivet and stud

Fur Assembly

  • Create fur skin and mold to torso (oiling torso first)
  • Clean torso of oil/grease
  • Make tears and tattered bits in the fur
  • Cast fur skin in resin
  • Build up clusters of fur from the bottom


  • Experiment using salt weather technique to create a 3 layer effect – metal -> dark grey -> mid grey.  This should make the end effect mottled and more realistic

Quite a long list of things to do :s

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