New Blog Theme

new-blog-themeRegular readers will spot that I’ve just rolled out a new blog theme on the website!  It’s been my intention to recreate the theme for quite a while as a number of items were slightly broken or weren’t optimised very well for things like Search Engines.

One of the most visible changes is that I’ve decided to go for a different typeface throughout the site.  Although I liked the old version, I feel that using a serif font is that little bit easier on the eye.  I’ve also changed the colours of the links in the right-hand menus so that they’re more visible.  It should also be pretty easy to share any posts on a variety of social media sites with the implementation of better sharing links.

I’ve fixed a few things such as the search page and the “quote” section I use for weekly challenges and added a few “under the bonnet” items such as extra meta data to feed the likes of Google.

Depending upon time I’d like to make the theme properly mobile ready and optimise it by removing jQuery.

Finally, if you spot something or have any suggestions for the new blog theme, please leave a comment 🙂

It’s Wulfen (Thunder) Hammer Time

wulfen-thunder-hammerThe last week has been exceptionally busy in the “real world”, so this and a little lack of enthusiasm on my part has meant that the amount of hobby achieved has sadly been fairly low.  I have managed to finish the Thunder Hammer on my Wulfen wielding that and Storm Shield.  I chose a blue steel colour to contrast against the rest of the grey-metallics by adding a small amount of Drakenhof Nightshade into the Nuln Oil wash.  This give the illusion that it’s made from a fairly dense steel.

Triaros Armoured Conveyor Size ComparisonLast week I received the Forgeworld order that I placed before my trip up to Warhammer World, this consisted of a load of bits for my Mechanicum army – another 6 Thallax (two with Plasma Fussil), a Darkfire Castellax and a Triaros.  Over the weekend I started to tidy up the Triaros and must admit that I’m fairly impressed with it.  It is a monstrous lump of resin without a doubt, but on the whole it came without too much in the way of flash and mold slips.  The tracks are probably the worst, however most of the flash is located on the underside so doesn’t need a “perfect” clean up job (i.e. resculpt) as it’ll be hidden most of the time.  I’m planning on magnetising the side weapons and will likely glue and pin the main hull together for extra support.

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Forge World Heresy Space Wolves Upgrade Teaser

heresy space wolves Well Forgeworld are teasing us again with their latest blog post!  It would appear that the long awaited Heresy Space Wolves upgrade pack is very soon to be released to the public.  If past teasers are anything to go by then we can expect a release the end of this week.

New Heresy Space Wolves UpgradeInterestingly the old Space Wolves Terminator upgrade pack is also being brought back to production!  I always had a soft spot for these and hats off to Forgeworld for doing this.

Excellent weekend at Warhammer World

Warhammer World I’ve just had a brilliant gaming weekend up at Warhammer World on their 8×6 tables. One being a Tau fortification and the other set up with city fight terrain. I’d also like to say that the food up in Bugmans Bar is amazing!  Going up Friday with my brother before anyone else meant we could have some food at our leisure.A Bugmans Burger in Bugmans Bar!

My Space Wolves didn’t perform quite as well as I’d hoped and suffered because of a few poor decisions on my part, some bad dice rolls and struggling to get across the board into combat quickly enough.

I’m still learning how to use Wulfen successfully and would say that Drop Podding them in isn’t the best way as a general rule. Firstly it’s very risky, in my first game I scattered off the table and rolled a 1 on the mishaps table – so 230ish points got immediatly destroyed. Due to the nature of the buff they grant, they ideally need to be on the table from the start of turn one for the Curse of the Wulfen (although this roll is made after reserves are deployed). The other issue is that you cannot charge when appearing from reserves so you end up placing them unsupported, likely not buffing anything and unable to charge. Better use would be to shield them with Blood Claws and charge them up one flank – they’ll likely add 3″ onto the Blood Claws movement so can run behind them quite comfortably.

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Win a Titan! with Forge World

Win a Titan! with Forge WorldThis week’s Forge World Newsletter has surprised us all with the offer to Win a Titan! with every order over £100.  The offer goes on until the last day of March so there’s plenty of time to get an order together.  On offer are two Warhounds, a Reaver and the massive Warlord Titan!

The Warhounds and Reaver are both available in their Imperial or Chaos versions so it’s not limited to people who play Horus Heresy – though clearly you’re going to have more chance to use it in games if you do win.  There are a few terms and conditions, such as the £100 must be the paid amount, vouchers and postage don’t count. You also need to name a Titan and write a short piece of narrative – read the Terms and Conditions for the full run down!

A bit like the Imperial Knight Scion offer, the chance to Win a Titan does make placing an order after the next pay day a very attractive proposition!

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Space Wolves Players Hand Book Runebrush’s Review

Space Wolves Players Hand Book

If you’re a Space Wolves player you’ll likely have come across the Space Wolves Blog over on blogspot.  It’s an excellent resource for all things related to the army both in terms of modelling and gaming articles and has a pretty active group of commenter’s both on the blog and over on their Facebook page.

In order to provide a bit of income for running the blog the guys over there created a Space Wolves Players Hand Book last year for the tiny donation of £5 (about $8 USD).  Since Curse of the Wulfen came out they’ve been working on an update and released this last week, as I’m finally getting into more gaming I decided to treat myself to it and received the PDF yesterday.

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Week 8 Challenge and Warzone Fenris Review

Warzone Fenris: Saga Edition

I’m pleased to say that my unit of Wulfen stormed across the battlefield this weekend and caused havoc.  I’ll go into more detail of how they perform and a bit of a review on Warzone Fenris towards the end of this post 🙂

Despite my best efforts I didn’t manage to finish painting the unit of Wulfen, around 9pm on Saturday I decided not to rush the last bit, so still have the brass edging, fur, bone/trinkets and bases to complete.  I am however really happy with how far I’ve managed to get in just a couple of weeks of painting – much further than I’ve got in the past.  I won’t pretend that I couldn’t have done them to a higher standard, but these are for gaming and not a painting competition so I’ve concentrated in a neat paint job, using techniques I’ve used in the past and it’s really paid off.

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