Ever had a sudden flash of inspiration where something has dawned that is so obvious you just want to kick yourself?  Well I’ve just had that..

I was just reading a forum post and suddenly wondered how much it would cost me to get together a squad of Space Wolves on bikes (Swiftclaws).  Reading up, it would appear that Blood Claws with jump packs (Skyclaws) aren’t actually very good as they can’t be led by a Wolf Guard so instead need a Wolf Priest leading them to be effective, which is a little annoying as I now have enough bits for a squad of ten.  However it would be a very good addition when I boost up to 2,000 points.  Blood Claws on bikes can be led by a Wolf Guard and are quite nails with the +1 toughness and other bonuses, so would make a nice addition for a 1,500 point army.

So I’ve had a mooch on eBay and google base and it looks like I’m talking around £6 for a bike (or £15.47 if I got 3 x Chaos Space Marine bikes from here) and then had “that moment” – I actually think i have got 4 or 5 bikes somewhere at home…  I’ve probably not got time to look this evening and am away from tomorrow for the weekend, so next week will have to have a rumage and see if I can find them.  I also seem to recall that I actually have 3 Land Speeders rather than the 1.5 that I currently can find – oh the joys of moving house…

Always Best to Read the Codex

Ho hum, despite poring over the internet for Rune Priest ideas, I realised yesterday that Rune Priests are actually armed with Runic Weapons and Wolf Priests are armed with Crozius Arcanum’s – which means the weapon I’ve converted actually doesn’t look quite right – oh joy.  So I’m faced with a few different thoughts.  Currently the piece consists of the converted weapon with arm, torso piece and head.  So it could be a lot worse if I decide to start again from scratch.

Hopefully over the weekend I’ll have time to actually do some more work on my Rune Priest, regardless of what I decide to do…

Working on The Wolves

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I’ve been invited to have a game (well games technicall) of 40k with friends in Cheltenham using my Space Wolves.  This coupled with the fact I’ve agreed to also play some games with my brother on the weekend 18th ~ 20th March have made me dust off the Wolves in my cupboard and grab hold of my scalpal and green stuff in an effort to actually have at least a legal army put together!  I’ve started assembling a Rune Priest in Terminator armour to lead my 1000 point army that I’ll be using against my brother.  Plus have ordered a few extra bitz in order to make 5 more Skyclaws and a Wolf Guard to lead them.  Currently my intention is to max out all of the packs I’ve got and add at least one more pack of Grey Hunters.  I actually have three Rhino’s as well, so this would mean that I’ve a Rhino for each Grey Hunter pack – and in fact a Land Raider Crusader for the Blood Claws (if I make up a Power Armoured Wolf Guard Pack Leader).  Finish a Razorback and my Long Fangs and then I’ll hit my 1000 points without too much hassle.

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Is it possible…?

…to create a decent Thunderhawk Gunship for a sensible price using regularly available components?

The last weekend I visited friends in Cheltenham and have subsequently been invited along for a few 40k games with my Space Wolves should I fancy it.  It also seems that they play fairly large (as in Apocolypse sized) games which set my brain off at a tangent thinking about Space Marine super heavies and similar.  Mooching on the good old internet it would seem that the only thing Space Marines have available to them is the Thunderhawk Gunship which after years of secret development Games Workshop have never quite got off as a standard plastic kit.  Now in Apoc games it’s not too difficult to tag on an Imperial Guard ally and poke in a couple of baneblades – but that’s not the point of this post 😉

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Using Masks

I’ve recently been painting a GW Shrine of the Aquila 40K building.  Well when I say painting I actually mean airbrushing.  I’ve now managed to do a nice mottled blue on the outside of the building and a mottled creamy colour inside.  Doing something on this scale really teaches you airbrush control and repeatability, as if two panels look different it will look awful.  One thing I have discovered is that light makes a huge difference, so it’s worth having both natural and artificial light available to check.  The actual building requires both right and left-handed use of the airbrush and a certain amount of manipulation of the building in order to get into those hard to reach places.

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