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Golden Demon 2011 – fail…

Despite my best efforts (and one evening staying up late on caffeine energy drinks), I didn’t manage to finish off the entry I was doing for Golden Demon 2011.  About 6pm on Saturday (the day before the event) I spotted a mold line on one of the legs which only appeared with a certain light direction and after the application of a light colour and just admitted defeat.  This does mean that I can now take my time and finish off this model without the pressure of having to rush bits.  I need to look into the best way to strip the paint off the legs as I’m not happy with how they have gone.

Games Day 2011 was pretty good although as with all things there are things that could be improved on.  This year all of the “sales” element was collected together at one end of the NEC and access to this was restricted to perhaps a 50 or 60 people at a time.  This was really good as you were able to get round and buy stuff very effectively, however I personally felt quite rushed as I knew there was other people there waiting to come in.  My biggest complaint is that the queue for being allowed up to the area had no definition and you really didn’t know where you were meant to queue and where not.  I’m sure that next year they’ll address this.  Unlike some years there seemed to be enough things to view so that at no point did my brother or I feel like we were wandering round aimlessly.

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Top Secret Project

So I’ve been bad and rather than sticking with the Wraithlord I was converting as a Golden Demon entry, have decided to go for another project.  Again it’s an “almost out of the box” miniature, but this time is actually Warhammer Fantasty rather than 40k.  The project however, I’m going to keep top secret for a number of reasons.  The biggest one is that it means that nobody can nick my ideas and do them better 😀  Another is that I won’t feel like I have to take photos every five minutes.  I shall be taking work-in-progress shots, but don’t need to take one every time I do something.

The model was purchased a couple of weeks ago and I have almost finished tidying the flash and mold lines and filling any gaps.  By the weekend everything should have received a black undercoat and any missed bits will be corrected and then I have exactly two months to get it painted.  It’s going to be quite tight as between now and the end of August I have exactly one weekend home to myself!  I’ve almost got into the habit of modelling until around 11.30pm now so am getting in around 2 hours of modelling most days.  Providing I can keep this up without killing myself through lack of sleep, it should give me enough time to get it all done, including a nice scenic base.

Watch this space…

No Real Progress

Hehe, it’s the middle of April and I’ve pretty much made no progress on modelling for the past four weeks.  The past couple of weeks I’ve been busy researching, buying and setting up a new fish tank as I’ve always wanted fish, however I did make a concerted effort last night to finish basecoating the yellow components on my Rune Priest – very theraputic doing a bit of painting with a fish tank gurgling away!

Anyway, the following CMoN Post, is a really clever way of doing effective banners which I may well adopt for my GD2011 entry.

First Steps

I have now got and opened the Wraithlord model that I intend to convert & paint for Golden Demon 2011.  It’s a lot more delicate than I thought it was going to be in all honesty!  However it’s going to be a good model to enter.

I’ve gone over various ideas and have narrowed it down to a couple of firm ones.  I could go really traditional and just paint it craftworld colours, or I could convert it to a specific aspect path.

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A Decision!

Scarily a very quick browse on Games Workshop’s website earlier on and I’ve actually decided on what I’m going to do as my Golden Demon entry (and bought it too).  Purely by chance a Eldar Wraithlord model popped up in the “have you looked at” box.  The basic GW one is very plain and stood bolt upright, however mooching around on the internet, as with the Space Marine Dreadnought, with careful use of a saw and knife, the model becomes infinatly convertable.  Lots of medium sized panels for both airbrush and brush work, scope for freehand and a bit of conversion to make the pose dynamic.

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