2017 So Far


After a great 2016 blogging, 2017 has been rubbish!OK, I admit it – 2016 was a year full of blogging and 2017 has been rubbish so far!  I could hide behind a number of excuses but primarily it’s been a lack of time both for writing and visible progress being pretty slow on projects.

Currently I’ve got three main projects on the go: Death Army; Acastus Knight Porphyrion;  Bloodbound expansion

Death Army

One of two new armies I plan for 2017 (the other being Adeptus Mechanicus), my Death force is currently (rather oddly) being assembled at my Mum’s house when I pop over.  She’s currently recovering from a pretty badly broken shoulder so I’m visiting more often than normally but sneakily took this project over there to work on.  Currently I’m working on the core part of the army in the form of 50 Skeleton Warriors (a unit of 30 and two units of 10).  With luck I’ll be cracking into the next unit of Skeletons by the weekend.

Bloodbound Expansion

Not long after Christmas I decided that it would be a really good idea to do a few tournaments in 2017, having enjoyed the one I played last year enough to give it another punt.  After a few attempts to find a tournament that didn’t collide with something else, I settled for Bristol Smash in June which I’m going to attend alongside a friend I play against relatively regularly.  Now the slight hiccup is that I’m going to need a 2000 point army and currently I’ve only got 1180 points painted…  It’s also not what I’d class as a “competitive” build, mostly being down to units I fancied fielding.

So long story short, I need to bump my army up to the 2000 point mark in three months – which also includes a week away in St Lucia and a few weekends of commitments.  Ideally it should also be a little more competitive than it currently is.

I have started on this with doing some more work on the two Slaughterpriests that I started last year and got them both to a state where they’re just down to a few more details and the bases – this weekends task I think.

Acastus Knight Porpyhrion

The biggest model that I’ve ever undertaken, has been what I’ve spent most of my 2017 hobby time on so far and have made some really significant inroads into it since I received it just before Christmas.  The legs and torso are pretty much done bar a few details and some repair work on the missile pod that I managed to drop on the floor last Friday.  The leg armour plates need gluing and pinning into place and then I’ve simply got the arms to complete.

Frustratingly I’m going to need to park him for a few months whilst I get my Bloodbound sorted, which is a bit of a shame as I would have liked to see him completed without a break, however they’re more urgent at this point in time.

The Next Couple Months of 2017

Needless to say I’ve got quite a lot of things to get done in the next couple of months.  Most importantly is getting my Bloodbound up together, a second Bloodsecrator (conversion needed) and extra models are needed to give me a decent 2000 point force for the beginning of June.  Once that’s done I can then crack back into my Porphyrion and get his arms sorted out and then ultimately into my Adeptus Mechanicus force which I hope to have around 500 points done for September time (I’ve already done a couple hundred points so that’s not horrendous).

My Death army is simply going to grow as I put them together.  They’re not for anything specific so don’t need to rush and actually enjoy putting them together and painting them.

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