Royal Mail Postage Restrictions


spilled-paint-coat-rackThere are times when people’s stupidity absolutely astounds me.  I look round and see things that are small miracles of technology and engineering in their own right and wonder how in a world of wonder there are as many ass hats living in it…

The Royal Mail has recently changed their “Restricted Goods” list for all services for all customers.  This in itself isn’t a major surprise and they’re well within their right to state what they will (and won’t) deliver.  However one item that has changed is their restrictions on water based paints:

The items must be securely closed and placed in a leak-proof liner, such as a sealed polythene bag, so that any inadvertent leakage is contained within the outer packaging. Surround with absorbent material such as newspaper and sufficient cushioning material to protect each item from damage. Volume per item should not exceed 150ml. No more than four items can be sent in any one package. The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.

Yes, you have read that correctly – the Royal Mail has restricted sending more than 4 pots of acrylic paint in one package, or one of the large bottles of Vallejo Surface Primer (200ml).  The reasons they’re citing for this is safe guarding their sorting machines and other mail, should a pot of paint explode.  What makes a complete mockery however is that you can send two one litre bottles of spirits (e.g. whiskey or vodka) if you poke them in a sealed plastic bag with a bit of newspaper round in a jiffy marked “fragile”.

I can see how the Royal Mail wishes to ensure that people package up paints in a sensible and safe manner, but it does seem that somebody hasn’t really thought this through fully before making these restrictions go live.

There is a petition on if you want to sign up to it.

Does this spell the end for people ordering paints online?  Well no, but I think that a lot of people who offer discounted paints are going to find times very hard when they either only send 4 at a time or have to start charging for a courier service.

2 thoughts on “Royal Mail Postage Restrictions

  1. I think what is going to happen in time is that people will find different companies to use. In the UK myHermes is starting to become quite popular – they pick up from your door and are a lot less miserable than the people in the Post Office 😀

  2. ~sigh~ idiots. I signed. Do they have any idea how much money I pump into the UK economy from Canada for paints I have trouble sourcing locally? Dear Germany, Poland, etc….Take my money!

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