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This weekend I was away visiting friends and spent quite a bit of time discussing the new Horus Heresy campaign that Forge World are producing and how we both intend to collect a Legion – Death Guard for me and Sons of Horus for him.  The end result is that we’re going to try and get around 500 points of army up by early next year, depending upon funds.  We’ll likely be purchasing a unit every month or two, the high points cost should mean that the HQ and 2 Troops choices will make up that 500 points.  Our secondary goal will be to go up to around 1000 points next year.  However we both think that there will likely be a Doubles tournament next year at Warhammer World, so have decided that we both fancy playing at that.  If it follows the normal 40k set up we’ll need 750 points each for that.  Paint wise we’re both going to aim for tabletop standard with regular bases (i.e. just sand on the base) so overall it won’t be a horrific project.  I’ll likely use weathering powders and oil washes on mine to make them quite grimy and dirty.

I’ve also decided that I want to crack on with my Space Wolves army.  The introduction of the new paints means that pretty much every element of painting can be vastly simplified and I can pretty much eliminate the need to mix paints.  This actually makes life so much easier and I’m hoping that I can turn around a five-man squad within a week – especially with airbrushing the armour colours on.

In order to allow me to start to do my Space Wolves I also need to get the Chaos Lord and potentially the Dark Vengeance models done.  I may actually do a mix of Space Wolves and Dark Vengeance as that will give me my painting/modelling split that I try and do in order to provide some variety.

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