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Well although I didn’t manage to hit my target of getting a unit of Blood Claws painted (it was quite a difficult challenge if I’m honest), I did get in a really good game of Warhammer 40k 6th Edition on Sunday.  A bit of a learning curve (I lost) and still plenty of rules that I need to get to grips with, but overall it was an enjoyable introduction to this revision of the game.  My Wolves overall played out quite well, but 500 points is far too tight for them to be particularly effective as you can’t really field enough full squads or any vehicles.  That said I’m sure that some tweaking could result in a slightly more effective force.

I dug out my Realm of Battle Boards from the garage for playing on (just to make up a 4ft x 4ft area) and really quite impressed with how nice they look, even in bare, unpainted plastic.  The clips to join them together are actually awful so an alternate method of clipping them together is going to have to be found (magnets?).  I also need to construct something that will allow me to use all 6 battle boards as my table isn’t quite big enough as it stands.The other annoyance is that unpainted the sides of the hills are quite steep so models slid down quite easily 🙂  Some textured paint will solve this though.

After playing on them, I’m now starting to work out what I fancy doing with the boards, snowy tundra or ash wastelands is currently my thoughts as things like static grass run the risk of being rubbed when they’re packed away.  One thing that is certain is that I need a lot more bits of scenery – craters, barriers, debris etc.  The more pressing task though is to paint up a working 1000 point Space Wolf army.

I’ve booked this Friday off work.  I’ve done this for a few reasons, firstly because I urgently need a holiday – I’ve hardly had any time off this year and certainly none of it has been particularly relaxing.  The weather forecast for Friday is pretty good (read lovely), so I’m going to take the opportunity to sandblast the remaining kitchen cupboard doors as this can’t be done in bad weather.  This should only take me half the day (4 or 5 hours based on the previous doors I’ve done).  After then I can shower and have the rest of the day and evening to paint miniatures.  My girlfriend is away over the weekend so this means that I can also mix and match my household jobs with more miniature painting!  My intention is to paint most of Sunday too, which should mean that I stand a chance at getting a fair way through the models I’m working on.  I’m on the last highlight of the armour on the 10 miniatures on my paint station so I’ll likely aim to get the other 10/11 to the same state by the end of the weekend.  I think that trying to get some colour on the shoulder/knee pads isn’t going to be unreasonable either.  Then it’ll be metallics, fur, weapons, skin.

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  1. I’d expect as much from the Eldar – tsk, going for a stroll on an Imperial world 😉 I know the Blood Claws got creamed before they managed to do anything, that’s what I get for taking a squad at half strength, another couple strong and it could have been a lot different!

  2. Hi mate, your Blood Claws deserved all they got if I remember as did that horrible Rune Priest. Picking on poor innocent Eldar out for a stroll, typical Astartes…

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