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The weekend’s work wasn’t quite as productive as I’d hoped – bearing in mind that I really should be starting to apply paint this week.

The torso is largely done.  I need to fix the head in, rivet the whole assembly and add wolf pelts over it.  I’ve begun work again on the arm shoulders, the close combat arm will be pretty simple in comparison to what I was intending, although I’d like to add some runes and totems to it to make it a little bit more interesting.  The heavy bolter arm I’ve decided to simplify by having the guns simply glued together, rather than cut up and set within a box.  Although my original idea is still better, too many things could go wrong and I’m concerned that I could end up messing the whole thing up and having to resort to something different.  The spindle for the heavy bolter arm has also been fixed into place.

Although both arms can have work done on them I’ve relativly little that I can do on the main body & legs until I have completed the base and know what actual pose the Dreadnought is going to have.  As such I’ve now begun to assemble the marine that is being stood on.  I’ve had to repose both feet to make him look like he’s struggling, and with luck will have one arm grabbing one of the toes of the foot.  I’m not quite sure how to bend the toes of the Dreadnought, but I’m sure that I’ll work it out :s  Once the marine is in place, I’ll bore a hole in through it into the foot & leg.  This will mean that the Dreadnought will come away from the base, but more importantly I can actually glue all of the items that require directionality on – the wolf pelts, trinkets and most importantly the wolf fur on the Dreadnoughts back.

Currently my biggest concern is that I’m not going physically going to have enough time between now and the end of the month to get everything done.  In principal the paint job is pretty simple as most of the colour will be airbrushed, so it’ll just be the metalics, base and details.  That said the latest I reckon I can get away with it, would be starting to paint on Sunday 20th.  This would give me that Sunday (for airbrushing), 4 evenings (I’m out on the 24th) and Saturday 26th.  Depending upon how much I get done this week, I may be taking a day or two off as holiday in order to get back on track.

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