New Product: Army Painter Gun Metal Spray


There are times when you feel like people really do listen to your frequent grumblings and moaning.  I have a very old (8 years) can of Citadel Boltgun Metal spray that I’ve sparingly used in the years since GW stopped making them.  This is a nice dark silver colour that is in fact darker than the old Boltgun Metal paint.  Because it is this dark, it works brilliantly on vehicles where a large expanse of a brighter colour would look horrific.  Sadly as I’ve been painting my Drop Pod, I’ve got to the last few dregs of paint in the can, leaving me with a conundrum of what to get to replace it.

Well my question has been answered by Army Painter who yesterday released their Gun Metal colour as a spray can.  As you can see from the image it would appear that this is a fairly dark metallic colour.

Now there are two disadvantages to this.  Firstly the colour might not be a very good match – it looks like it *should* be, but that’s no guarantee.  The second is availability and price, it’s not widely available yet and appears to cost around between £9 and £10 a can – so as sprays go it’s on the expensive side of things.  Probably the biggest benefit (other than you can actually buy the stuff) that Army Painter offers though is that they have a guaranteed colour match on bottles of Gun Metal paint, this is actually quite useful if you need to touch any bits up.

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