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Well the drop pod is almost at the point where I can begin to assemble it.  All of the blue has been airbrushed and just needs some edge highlighting with a brush.  The fins has have their red tips airbrushed and again just need a edge highlight.  Once the edge highlight has been done I intend to give everything a coat of satin varnish to seal it all in.  Red is a notorious colour as it remains absorbent if it’s been airbrushed on, so if you touch the surface you’ll end up with a finger print.  Whacking a coat of varnish over it is just enough to stop this happening and means that I can apply various weathering techniques and decals.

Outer side of the doors Doors open with harness Fins with red tips Doors closed

With the exception of managing to scuff one of the fins and get red paint on one bit, everything has gone pretty well and when I get round to putting another one together I’ll likely do things pretty much in the same order.  With luck I’ll get the edge highlighting done this evening and possibly the varnish too, which means it might even get glued together Thursday.  Drop pods are quite fiddly models to get lined up and glue together square, but they’re not hugely detailed and being able to have the various components as separate entities means the paint job is fairly straightforward.


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