Death Guard Apothocary

Where the hell has January gone?  I can’t believe that four weeks ago today was New Years Eve and I was looking forward to a quieter year with more modelling opportunities crammed in…  The last ten days have been really bizarre for me and a lot of the UK in general.  My other half managed to badly sprain her ankle which resulted in her having to be at home (on crutches) for two working weeks.  This incident was rapidly followed by the UK receiving quite a bit of snow, we had a good 10 inches over the period of a couple of days which hung around for quite a while and then froze solid.  Unfortunately I walk to work so rather than getting a few nice snow days, I put on substantial boots and trekked in.  The weather has now suddenly become much warmer and much wetter so it looks like huge parts of the country are going to flood – again…

Thankfully other than more rain, everything has once more settled down.  The other half is back to work full time again and the snow is starting to become a distant memory (until next month when I personally reckon we’ll get more).  Yesterday a large portion of the day was spent tidying things up and sorting things out, which means less to do when I get in from work.

DSC_0814-2The intervening days between my last post and this one, have however been quite productive.  As you can see, the Apothocary that I’d airbrushed using a white undercoat has now received the various washes and such like and I’m now working on the details.  The picture is actually a few days old, as I’ve pushed the shadows deeper and painted more of the details (pipes, lenses etc).  This model is without a doubt the way I’m going to do all of my Legion.

Saturday I made the most of the rare sunlight and my first 15 marines have been primed grey and under-coated white and are now ready for airbrushing.  Additionally (see I told you I’d been productive) my Cataphractii Terminators are now half assembled.

I must be honest and in comparison to the MkII marines, the Cataphractii are a bit of a mare to assemble.  The torso and legs need pinning and filling to ensure a good join and the overhang on the vambraces (the armour panel on the forearm) means that regular gun weapons are a pig to get lined up.  In real life you’d actually have very little mobility to turn your hand.  I have managed to magnetise one though so that I can use the Heavy Flamer, Reaper Autocannon or Plasma Blaster.



Rivet Wars

As a miniature painter/hobbyist, I am constantly bombarded with numerous game systems and alternative manufacturers products.  Some of them amazing and others not so.  One thing that has become increasingly popular over the past year or so is companies putting up game systems on Kickstarter (KS) which, if you’ve never come across it before, is a system where you can “support” a project by fronting up cash for it.  The project may not be released for some months but generally you end up with a lot more bang for your buck if you put in a suitably large contribution.

Just over a month ago, Kingdom Death released a lovely KS project for a dungeon based game with some simply amazing plastic miniatures.  Unfortunately as good a deal as it was, it was just too expensive, especially when you added postage into it.

However CoolMiniOrNot has just put up a KS project for a RTS board game called Rivet Wars.  This game is based in the First World War era but with a dash of steampunk thrown into the mix – so you’ve got steam powered tanks, gyro-bikes and horses :s  The actual troops are based on real world rivets, so have a cylindrical body and domed helmet.  It not only looks really good fun, but the game plays differently to others too.  Each turn you place more miniatures on the board so rather than building up an army to a fixed pointage, this is much more dynamic and strategic.  Check out the Rivet Wars link in my side bar to read up on the game a bit more.

The Rivet Wars project closes on the 4th of February and is due to be delivered around September time which actually means that it would come out of next months pay packet and not arrive until after the majority of my Death Guard were completed – I am really, really tempted!

Second Tester (and Third)

Second AttemptWell I’ve been trying to finish off a post for the past week but just don’t seem to have found the time – sorry!  The fact that the blog ate all of the entry on Tuesday didn’t help… I have however managed to get a bit painting in.  My second Death Guard tester went really well – however upon comparing it to various pieces of artwork and other painted miniatures I realised that it’s too dark and although there is depth, there isn’t enough “colour” and interest on the model, which results in it looking really quite bland and boring – as you can see!

To this effect I’ve started a third tester (an apothocary) and gone with a white undercoat rather than a grey one.  The airbrushed layers have been exactly the same (Rakarth Flesh > Pallid Wych Flesh > Ceramite White) and the end result is much brighter and clean.  My next step is to paint the green (then sponge weathering) and metallic areas and then a quick coat of varnish so I can apply some washes.  With luck the washes will tone everything down sufficiently.  Rather than just flinging on a Nuln Oil wash, I’m going to thin it down 50/50 with water and apply it into the recesses and carefully apply over areas, then the same with Agrax Earthshade.  Fingers crossed it’ll all go OK!

Happy New Year!

2012 is now firmly behind us and overall was pretty crap.  That said I am on the whole an optimistic person and I did manage to get two very significant projects completed (the Stormlord Tank and Space Wolves Contemptor) and ended the year with enough cash in my hobby pot to collect most of a Death Guard Forge World army.

My Christmas break flew past and didn’t actually start until mid-day on Christmas eve (the afternoon was taken up with present wrapping and delivering).  Sadly because of this and other commitments, the number of free days I had was really low so I didn’t get as much done in way of hobby activities as I would have liked.  I did manage to get 15 marines washed, tidied up and gaps filled and glued together so have the core of a squad.  Unfortunately the heads from the Command Squad upgrade pack were quite badly molded so I’m going to have to phone Forge World and get some replacements.  I was going to magnetise the Nuncio Vox but didn’t as I couldn’t work out how to magnetise the head (which needed replacing anyway) decided to just construct them as a regular squad.

Squad One - Death Guard

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