A new year of Warhammer+ Begins on 25th August 2023

Warhammer+ 2023/24


We’ve just had a reveal for the next year of Warhammer+ drop on Warhammer Community!

We’ve been teased with a Sisters of Battle animation, 60 more Citadel Colour Masterclasses and what equates to weekly Loremaster episodes.  We’ve also been given the elusive silhouette’s of the two exclusive miniatures!

Silhouette of the 2024 Warhammer+ Warhammer 40,000 miniature which looks similar to the classic Kasrkin artwork drawn by Karl Kopinski

The Karl Kopinski classic Kasrkin artwork
Now the 40k miniature (you can tell it’s 40k – it has a gun) bears a striking resemblance to the classic Kasrkin artwork by Karl Kopinski, which is suggestive this is what the miniature is based on.  Certainly we’ve seen plastic Kasrkin appear over the last year in the form of a Kill Team.

The silhouette of the Age of Sigmar Warhammer+ miniature. It looks like it may be an armoured vampire with cloak, chalice and ornate sword

The Age of Sigmar  miniature has all the key parts of a Vampire – in one hand holding a chalice and the other an elaborate sword with bone embellished hilt.  No classic artwork springs to mind which is suggestive as per last year that it’s a unique sculpt.  On first glance it appears to have hair similar Lady Annika, however on closer inspection it looks like it may be an armoured helm of sometime to go with the armoured pauldrons.  Either way, the vampire miniatures GW have been creating have been pretty solid!

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