Ever Growing Pack

20130830-161842.jpgAlthough I still have my drop pod to glue together, on Wednesday my other half wanted some company whilst she did some bits on the PC so I did a bit of airbrushing.  I have now managed to base colour another block of Space Wolves, including the remaining 7 Blood Claws of the large pack I’ve been doing.  I’ve got a highlight layer to apply to a the Grey Hunters but this is now over 50% of my actual troops with colour on them 🙂  I’m actually getting to the point where I need to start painting Rhino’s soon.

I have annoyingly noticed that 3 of the 4 Long Fangs I’ve got assembled actually need some quite major filling and work on their backpacks (and in the case of one missile launcher a fur pelt sculpted), so I can’t get them base coated yet.  With luck I’ll find a bit of enthusiasm to sort them out – possibly assembling the two heavy bolters at the same time.










From the Skies

20130819-080001.jpgNot sure what happened but everything seems to have “come together” over the weekend.  I’ve done all of the edge highlighting (and pushed that further than I normally would) and got a coat of varnish on everything.  I spent a bit of time yesterday evening gently scraping the two pieces where the fins slot in so that the fins fit properly.  They were always a tight fit and the layers of paint and varnish had made some of them a little too snug, so rather than force them together a bit of work with a flat needle file and knife has meant that they’re all fit properly without any resistance. My biggest annoyance is that I didn’t shave off enough of the bottom of the doors, which has meant that when I put them in situ and closed them, they’ve now scraped off a little bit of paint on the base.  Bloody annoying, but I’ve now shaved those down too – just need to repaint that with some black.

I’ve only a handful of things left to do.  I need to apply decals and the door Aquilas (which need painting).  The gun mount needs to be varnished and glued in place.  The two weapons need to be sorted so they fit properly on their magnetic point, one is too tight and the other too loose (and then painted too).  Everything needs to be glued together and the non-metallics need start edge highlighting along with any oils applied along with shadow washes where things meet.  This then needs a light seal with varnish and a matt varnish applied.  Finally it needs stark edge highlights on the metallics so that they look “shiny”.

New Product: Army Painter Gun Metal Spray


There are times when you feel like people really do listen to your frequent grumblings and moaning.  I have a very old (8 years) can of Citadel Boltgun Metal spray that I’ve sparingly used in the years since GW stopped making them.  This is a nice dark silver colour that is in fact darker than the old Boltgun Metal paint.  Because it is this dark, it works brilliantly on vehicles where a large expanse of a brighter colour would look horrific.  Sadly as I’ve been painting my Drop Pod, I’ve got to the last few dregs of paint in the can, leaving me with a conundrum of what to get to replace it.

Well my question has been answered by Army Painter who yesterday released their Gun Metal colour as a spray can.  As you can see from the image it would appear that this is a fairly dark metallic colour.

Now there are two disadvantages to this.  Firstly the colour might not be a very good match – it looks like it *should* be, but that’s no guarantee.  The second is availability and price, it’s not widely available yet and appears to cost around between £9 and £10 a can – so as sprays go it’s on the expensive side of things.  Probably the biggest benefit (other than you can actually buy the stuff) that Army Painter offers though is that they have a guaranteed colour match on bottles of Gun Metal paint, this is actually quite useful if you need to touch any bits up.

Getting Closer

Well the drop pod is almost at the point where I can begin to assemble it.  All of the blue has been airbrushed and just needs some edge highlighting with a brush.  The fins has have their red tips airbrushed and again just need a edge highlight.  Once the edge highlight has been done I intend to give everything a coat of satin varnish to seal it all in.  Red is a notorious colour as it remains absorbent if it’s been airbrushed on, so if you touch the surface you’ll end up with a finger print.  Whacking a coat of varnish over it is just enough to stop this happening and means that I can apply various weathering techniques and decals.

Outer side of the doors Doors open with harness Fins with red tips Doors closed

With the exception of managing to scuff one of the fins and get red paint on one bit, everything has gone pretty well and when I get round to putting another one together I’ll likely do things pretty much in the same order.  With luck I’ll get the edge highlighting done this evening and possibly the varnish too, which means it might even get glued together Thursday.  Drop pods are quite fiddly models to get lined up and glue together square, but they’re not hugely detailed and being able to have the various components as separate entities means the paint job is fairly straightforward.


More Painting Time!

My girlfriend is away this weekend so I’ve a bit of quiet to sink my teeth into some more painting.  Just realised that sounds really harsh!  I’m lucky in that my other half is quite happy for (and encourages) me to paint and model, but there’s just something about being able to sit down and get on with it without worrying that the noise of the compressor is too much, or the choice of music/audio book is wrong or not yours.  For me, I just find it more productive, plus if I forget my lunch and don’t eat until the middle of the afternoon, it’s not a problem 😉

Annoyingly I’m not going to get as much benefit from the weekend as I’d like to.  This evening I’m out for a curry with some friends and tomorrow I’m helping my Mum do some diy/decorating in the kitchen.  I don’t have a problem but it is going to eat into *my* time quite considerably.

That said, never look a gift horse in the mouth as they say.  My drop pod is now at the stage where I need to mask bits off and airbrush some colour onto it.  This should drastically alter the overall appearance of it and make it apparent that it’s a Space Wolves vehicle.

also need to begin to rehash the base of my dreadnought for my Golden Demon entry.  It shouldn’t be a major job, I need to glue on a load of slate, cork and gravel to build up the rockiness.  I might even dremel out  the sculpey tube a bit more to make it more craggy.  I can then carefully mask off the top, airbrush primer over the newly added bits and paint away to my hearts content 🙂  Looking around for ideas I’ve spotted how Sproket did the base on his Dark Eldar Diorama here, here and here.  Additionally one really clever thing he does is to pour his GW paints into dropper bottles.  I have no idea how well this works for the thicker base paints!

Finally I’d like to have a go at airbrushing the wings for my Forgeworld Blood Thirster Lord.  I’ve had this model on my painting station for years now and never really got any of it painted.  When I originally got it, I had no airbrush and my skills were not where they are now.  What I’d love to do is to prime the wings light grey and then work on painting them a dark brown grey colour (Charadon Granite-esq).  Ideally I’ll pick up one of the new GW paints to use as a base.