Techmarine – what a beast!


The handful of bits I ordered over the weekend from Games Workshop arrived yesterday, but due to various reasons I didn’t actually get a chance to open them until tonight.  The techmarine and his servitor retinue are actually quite nice models, though quite fiddly.  To make him suitably Space Wolfy is going to be a bit of a challenge, but not horrific (I hope), numerous wolf skins and pelts are going to be needed, along with using some arms from the Wolf Pack sprues.  One thing that I have realised is that this model is actually 3 or 4mm taller than a regular power armoured marine – the same height as a terminator.

Overall including the Battle Force that I’m getting tomorrow I will only be needing 1 more razorback and a plastic jump pack to have well over a 2,000 point army (17 power armoured marines and two drop pods worth) – the bits for it anyway, I still need to put them together!  It looks like I’ve only got a handful of things that I *have* to do this weekend, so potentially have 2 whole days and 3 evenings which I can use to construct an army – mwu hahaha.  One thing that has dawned on me is that I can actually put out all of my army on the dining room table as nobody is going to be wanting to need it, it should mean that I get a much clearer idea of where I am throughout the weekend.

I have also chanced across quite a clever article on how to make the main weapon of the Razorback magnetised, so that it can be swaped out should I want to.  I’m going to try and make fairly large portions of my vehicles magnetised as it will ultimately give me more flexibility with which to chop and change should the need arise.

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