Nervous – Hell yeah!


During my perusal of the good old internet, I chanced across an entry that won gold at the Chicago Golden Demon.  The entry is fantastic – just the right balance of realism versus fantasy.  Metallics are definatly worth inspecting closely as they’re spot on, looks like a fair number of black washes to remove the shineyness of metallics and highlighting as if they were a regular paint (as should be done).

The whole blog is very well done and there are a few posts that are quite interesting.  One thing that does fill me with a little dread is that this chap is entering a Dreadnought into the UK Golden Demon in September – a ForgeWorld Chaplain Dreadnought at that.  Now on a positive note, my Dreadnought is going to be converted far more heavily than his, but that said it just puts the whole competition into perspective.  In all honesty I’m going to be happy if I make the final cut 😀

Edit: The penny just dropped – this is the chap who did the Dreadnought painting tutorial for miniature mentor – a vetran of many Golden Demon competitions.

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