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Snow on the horizon

Rune PriestHi folks, yes I’ve been rubbish at putting anything on the blog.  A combination of real life being far too busy and lack of enthusiasm to touch a computer have kept me away from here.  Which is actually a bit of a shame as I’ve been progressing really well on the painting front.  My Rune Priest is pretty much done now and just waiting for me to complete the backpack.  I’m not entirely happy on the OSL from his hand that’s projecting on the base but would need to strip off the snow and do it again – which I may do at some point in the future.

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Rune Priest

Rune PriestWhat’s this?  A second post within a week!  OK, I’ll admit it’s me wanting to show off a little as I’m quite chuffed with the progress I’ve made on my Rune Priest conversion.  I say conversion loosely, it’s a 100% plastic offering but with a bit of modification.  The photo to the right shows the current state of him.  I’ve left the head and backpack off to paint separately as they’d be more awkward to do if I glued them on.  I’ve airbrushed an initial coat of German Panzer Grey on – I’ve decided to go for a dark grey rather than black so that the armour should naturally come out a fraction lighter, this is my main character after all!  The primer has shown up a slightly rough bit round the collar which I need to sort out

2014-11-09 21.36.01-1Here’s the “mock” before things got glued and I properly green-stuffed some more fur on to blend the shoulder pad in.  The chest piece is from a one of the really old Space Wolf sprues.  The back of the torso, staff and hand are Grey Knight pieces.  One shoulder pad and backpack is from Krom Dragongaze, with the arms from various current Space Wolf sprues.  Finally the MkIV legs come from the new tactical sprue, I’m likely only going to have one set in the army so thought I’d make them count 😉

Not Quite Two Months

Three TanksWell the last post wasn’t quite two months ago but not too far off. Life is roughly the same, I’m still working very long hours but managing to get a bit of painting done most evenings.  I’m continuing to focus on my Space Wolves and this has started to pay off (although it’s really tempting to dive into something else at times .  The two Space Wolf Packs have had their bases edged using plain black.  I did toy with doing them brown or grey but the black actually finishes off the miniature really nicely (I’ll talk about the black I used in a bit).

I’ve put the flyer to one side and focused instead on the three tanks (Rhino/Razorback, Predator and Vindicator).  The reason for this is two-fold.  The size of the Stormfang means that you have to sit at a table with it perched on a towel to paint some parts of it (it has an underneath that needs to be painted).  In the UK the daylight is really lacking this time of year and since the clocks changed for daylight savings, I get home after it’s gone dark. There is a significant amount of metallic that needs to be primed and painted which I was finding really time consuming.  The answer was actually staring me in the face – mask the bugger off and airbrush.  This is probably an evening’s worth of masking which you really need to be in the mood to do and then need to be able to do the airbrushing within a few days to make sure the masking tape doesn’t leave any residue behind so it’s going to need preparation.

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Space Wolf Special Character Conversions

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to sorting out the characters that I need for my Space Wolf army.  Space Wolves are unique in that they can have two character’s for each HQ slot in the Force Organisation Chart – meaning a normal game can have up to 4 characters rather than the usual two.  This adds quite a bit of flexibility when you’re playing 1,500 point or larger games.  Part and parcel of this is that every single character needs to be unique – specifically on a wargear/equipment/power front, but to my mind they also need to be unique on a modelling front.  Sadly there are very few “generic” miniatures available for the Space Wolves – there is one generic Rune Priest and one generic Wolf Priest (although I do have the Games Day special Wolf Priest).

Thankfully the Space Wolf sprues do contain numerous components that can be used, but in my mind it’s quite difficult to disguise the fact that your character has been built from standard pieces without extensive modification with putty and similar.  The thing is, if I’m going to be doing that amount of work regardless, it makes sense to really go to town on customising them and using a base miniature that isn’t normal.

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