Kickstarter: A-CASE+ Miniature Carry Case

Transporting miniatures is probably one of the most frustrating elements for gamers and even more so for those of us who use public transport to get around.  There are a plethora of miniature carry cases on the market which include offerings from KR Multicase, Battlefoam and Feldhur who provide a range of different transportation options.

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2017 So Far

After a great 2016 blogging, 2017 has been rubbish!OK, I admit it – 2016 was a year full of blogging and 2017 has been rubbish so far!  I could hide behind a number of excuses but primarily it’s been a lack of time both for writing and visible progress being pretty slow on projects.

Currently I’ve got three main projects on the go: Death Army; Acastus Knight Porphyrion;  Bloodbound expansion

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