I took the first of my Forge World miniatures home last night and washed the first ten marines whilst my other half was doing some baking.  This is the first time I’ve properly inspected any of the miniatures and overall they’re not too bad.  There are some bits that will need to be green stuffed in order to remove mold lines and a bit of knife work needed on others.  One of the shoulder pads does have a fault on one of the rims but with a little bit of work this can be modified to look like battle damage (which is quite in keeping with the Death Guard).  One of the barrels on the Rapier might have to be returned as the mold has slipped slightly in the casting – although there is a chance that I might be able to sort this out with a knife.  Decidedly less work than a metal miniature would have and even some plastics.  One thing I have noticed is that Forge World sculpt realistic sized feet, the plastic marines tend to have overly large boots :s

It’s likely that I’m going to be working on Sunday & Monday installing a new server, so will bring in some tools and glue and begin to assemble my first squad, which I’m quite looking forward to.  One of the nicest things about purchasing 30 marines at once is that you can actually vary the combination of legs and arms to get a bit of uniqueness to them.

One thing that I’m really impressed with is how Forge World label the “matching” parts.  For example the left and right arms need to be used in pairs – so on the actual flat part that glues onto the body, they’re labelled with dots, so the first pair has one dot each, the second two and so on.  The Terminator bodies and legs are also labelled in the same way, it’s so simple but highly effective as it means you don’t cut the label off when you remove the sprue.

I do however have one gripe.  Although I appreciate that resin miniatures are prone to the odd air bubble and mold line, I really think that Forge World need to up their game another notch.  When Forge World first started there weren’t many companies that produced resin miniatures, over the past few years this has changed and many companies produce exceptionally fine detailed miniatures in resin – Studio McVey produce resin miniatures for around £12.50 for a model and the quality is pretty much faultless, the same goes for many companies that produce sculpted bases.  Forge World are competitive in their pricing (unlike Games Workshop), but the quality of miniatures isn’t quite on par with other companies.  In the grand scheme of things, 30 marines of 6 components each (180 individual components) I’d expect around a 1% or 2% rate of  – so between 2 and 4 components.  I’ve already

The Beginning of a Legion

Well Forge World have really done a good job on the pre-Christmas delivery and I have a rather large box of resin sat next to me at work.  Considering I ordered this last Friday, it’s arrived in less than three working days which is actually faster than I’ve ever received an order previously.  Although I’ve not fully unpacked, the quality seems quite good and I can’t wait until I can start putting them together.

My order consisted of:

  • 30 Marines in Mk2 Legion Power Armour = 250pts + 150pts
  • 5 Cataphratii Terminators (with power fists and a heavy flamer) = 210pts
  • 1 Rapier Laser Destroyer = 40pts
  • Decals

Hmm, when you list it like that it’s quite scary how much this stuff costs…  However this does give me my two mandatory troop choices plus two elite choices and a rather sizeable 650 points worth of Legion.  If I put some of the marines together as a Seeker Squad then this would actually increase my pointage too.

What I intend to do is to place a second similarly large order next year, but I’ll wait until more miniatures and options are about.  I want to be able to pick up a heavy squad (with either Heavy Flamers or Multi-Meltas), a specialist squad with Meltaguns and likely a squad with Flamers, at least one Contemptor and finally a squad of Death Shroud.  I’d also like a unit of three Medusa although these may have to be converted from Basilisks if a Legion variant isn’t released.  I’m also going to need a Legion commander of some kind.  Ok, I may be doing two orders and selling a kidney…

Deathshroud are here

deathshroud1Every year Forge World do a Christmas jigsaw puzzle of one of the releases for the early part of next year.  There’s been some discussion about what it is, but they’ve just released the last piece and it’s Mortarion’s favoured – The Deathshroud.  And they’re lovely miniatures too, absolutely full of character and uniqueness.  They’re wearing custom Terminator armour (an regular Terminator armour – not Cataphractii) and are equipped with Power Scythes and hand flamers that are fixed onto their gauntlets rather than separately held ones.  Of course these can be upgraded to chem-weapons if you wanted…

The only thing I’m not keen on is the armoured front panel ‘loin cloth’ as the previous artwork has only ever shown leather straps like on the Cataphractii.  However I’m guessing the reason for this is so that the armour types looks suitably different.  I’m most certainly going to have a unit of these in my Death Guard army!


What a Horrible Month

Dont-Panic-Button-292x300I don’t specifically mean December either, the past month has been utterly awful in the way of “hobby time”.  I’ll admit, that makes me sound like a complete diva, considering the last week of November I had a weeks holiday and went away!  But the week before was busy with getting things ready & housework and the past (almost) two weeks has been taken up with a major project at work which has demanded 12 hour working days and a weekend when I was visiting friends (which encompassed a meeting for most of Saturday).  Coupled with the fact that now the dust from my project is settling, real-life has kicked in and I’ve realised that Christmas is less than two weeks away and I still have a most of my shopping left to do – oh and my other half’s birthday is 3 days before Christmas…  Oh and on top of that my gas boiler is going to need £650 worth of work done on it.

However there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  Most of my present requirement can be fulfilled through Amazon – yes it’s going to be a monster of an order but combined with fast delivery will mean that I get everything in time.  I do have enough cash put aside for the boiler repair, and a bit of a bonus coming in my December pay packet.  We’re now visiting my other halves parents at New Year rather than Christmas, which should mean that I’m home from Christmas day until Saturday 22nd (5 days) and might even start on Friday 21st if things at work go OK.  My Quidco money should appear in my bank in the next few days as well so that I can purchase the beginning of my Horus Heresy army!  Oh and I’m off to the pub tonight and the work’s Christmas meal is on Tuesday.

All in all, I have a large amount of painting to catch up on, but should get some quality hobby time (and a break) soon.