The Are No Wolves on Fenris…

As hoped I managed to get a bit of painting done last night.  I didn’t start quite as early as I wanted but I did get a reasonable amount of time on them.  I’m still working on the reds and brass colours currently and I’ve not really started on edge highlights, shading, silver metallics or ‘adornments’ (such as skulls and pelts).  I’m aiming to go full fettle tonight and get all of the brass base coloured (and washed) and then at least the middle red colour on.  At some point I need to do the back of the knee pads, which I’m sort of putting off as I’m not sure what colour to paint them, I might just go simple and use Dawnstone with a Nuln Oil wash.

As you can see in the above photo, the airbrushed top highlight is far too light and the colour should really only be used for edge highlighting.  Really pleased with how quickly they’re coming together – I just need a couple of big pushes and might even get them “almost done”.

Finally picked up the brushes!

After over 3 weeks gap I managed to get a few hours painting in last night and finally making progress on the eight Grey Hunters I started.  I’m quite enjoying the flexibility that having multiple similar miniatures give you – you can paint some red until it’s been used up and then flick over to brass and back again and so on and so forth.  It just adds some variety to the painting process which is normally a killer when it comes to painting “rank and file”.

Due to the amount of effort put in over the past few weeks, this week (and next) actually seem to be fairly low on a work load front so I’m planning on getting quite a bit of painting done – my “ultimate goal” would be to get all of the armour done (including highlighting) and just wolf pelts and flesh left to do by the beginning of next week (although this might be a tall order).

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Review – White Dwarf November 2012 (393)

First off one thing that I’ve realised is White Dwarf no longer promote an issue number and have instead gone for a calendar month as the issue identifier.  This is likely to make it easier to manage internally – I know it’s the reason we do so where I work.

This issue follows a similar layout to last month but down to 136 pages (last month was 152), matte and spot glossed cover and a pair of fold out pages which gives a huge quadruple page spread of the latest “big” miniatures.  This month the magazine comes with a Warriors of Chaos “army” leaflet and the usual Christmas gift guide.  Unlike the last issue all of the Warriors of Chaos have been photographed with icy blue backgrounds rather than the lava red they used for the demons.  I actually quite like this new style as it does add quite a bit of atmosphere to the photos and moved it away from “box product shot” into a little scene that is unique to White Dwarf.

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So Busy!

Well the past two weekends have been insanely busy.  The only time I’ve picked up my paints has be to pop my painting station into it’s home on the top of a cupboard.  Next week bodes slightly better as I’ve not got quite as much on – only Monday and Tuesday currently so hopefully I’ll get some more done on my Grey Hunters.

I have however received my November White Dwarf so will be reading through that this weekend and putting up a review next week.  I’m at my other halves parents this weekend so should have a little time to do this.