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Blades of Khorne – First Game Impressions

First game using Blades of Khorne

This weekend, I managed to get a 1500 point three way game in, using some of the new rules from the new Blades of Khorne Battletome.  I’ve not got the right combination of models to field any Battalions yet so was simply using Blood Blessing Prayers, new Artefacts and Command Traits, and the new Blood Tithe system.

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Space Wolves Players Hand Book Runebrush’s Review

Space Wolves Players Hand Book

If you’re a Space Wolves player you’ll likely have come across the Space Wolves Blog over on blogspot.  It’s an excellent resource for all things related to the army both in terms of modelling and gaming articles and has a pretty active group of commenter’s both on the blog and over on their Facebook page.

In order to provide a bit of income for running the blog the guys over there created a Space Wolves Players Hand Book last year for the tiny donation of £5 (about $8 USD).  Since Curse of the Wulfen came out they’ve been working on an update and released this last week, as I’m finally getting into more gaming I decided to treat myself to it and received the PDF yesterday.

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Week 8 Challenge and Warzone Fenris Review

Warzone Fenris: Saga Edition

I’m pleased to say that my unit of Wulfen stormed across the battlefield this weekend and caused havoc.  I’ll go into more detail of how they perform and a bit of a review on Warzone Fenris towards the end of this post 🙂

Despite my best efforts I didn’t manage to finish painting the unit of Wulfen, around 9pm on Saturday I decided not to rush the last bit, so still have the brass edging, fur, bone/trinkets and bases to complete.  I am however really happy with how far I’ve managed to get in just a couple of weeks of painting – much further than I’ve got in the past.  I won’t pretend that I couldn’t have done them to a higher standard, but these are for gaming and not a painting competition so I’ve concentrated in a neat paint job, using techniques I’ve used in the past and it’s really paid off.

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Product Review: P3 Wet Palette

20131202-131623.jpg In recent years, miniature painters have become to be more and more “sophisticated” with their painting tools and quite a few people have moved over to a wet palette as their palette of choice for painting.

I’m pretty positive that the vast majority of people reading this will know what a wet palette is and how it works, so please forgive me for going over old ground. For those of you who have never encountered one, a wet palette is quite simply a device that holds a reservoir of water underneath a special paper layer where you put your paints on.  This has the effect of keeping your paints cool and moist, which extends the time before they dry out.  As you can imagine this has a huge benefit when painting something that requires a lot of blending or the paint to be kept at a specific viscosity for the duration of a painting session.  Another side benefit is that if the container has an air tight lid, you can close the palette up and come back to it in a couple of days time and (depending upon paint separation) can just get straight back painting.

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Review – White Dwarf November 2012 (393)

First off one thing that I’ve realised is White Dwarf no longer promote an issue number and have instead gone for a calendar month as the issue identifier.  This is likely to make it easier to manage internally – I know it’s the reason we do so where I work.

This issue follows a similar layout to last month but down to 136 pages (last month was 152), matte and spot glossed cover and a pair of fold out pages which gives a huge quadruple page spread of the latest “big” miniatures.  This month the magazine comes with a Warriors of Chaos “army” leaflet and the usual Christmas gift guide.  Unlike the last issue all of the Warriors of Chaos have been photographed with icy blue backgrounds rather than the lava red they used for the demons.  I actually quite like this new style as it does add quite a bit of atmosphere to the photos and moved it away from “box product shot” into a little scene that is unique to White Dwarf.

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Review – Dark Vengeance Boxed Set

September saw the official release of the Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Rules starter set.  This set called “Dark Vengeance” comes in the usual sized box that we’re all used to from Games Workshop.  There was a limited edition variant produced that included a limited edition plastic miniature.

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