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New Resolution

I know January isn’t for another 3 weeks, but I’ve been exceptionally rubbish at putting new things onto this blog, despite having done quite a bit of modelling and painting, and there being various “big news” releases over the past 6 months.  So I’m resolving to identify that and try and get something up new every week or more often.  I now have a reminder in my phone to fire off every Sunday afternoon, so with luck there will be more posts up here, even if they’re a short article on something that has been released or some rumour.

Now rather than simply stopping with a very strong between the lines of “woe is me”, I thought I’d give you a summary of things since my last post with hints at a few posts that I hope to write in the future.

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Heroquest 25th Anniversary

Heroquest 25th AnniversaryTowards the end of last year, hobbyists got very excited when a Gamezone Miniatures announced that they were going to produce a 25th anniversary edition of the classic Heroquest game and put it on Kickstarter to get it funded.  Those same hobbyists were equally very disappointed when the Kickstarter got pulled due to intellectual property issues.

A number of things seem to have happened.  Firstly Heroquest had been registered by Moon Design in the US for their own RPG system.  Fearing that American backers were daft enough to think that the 25th anniversary board game was the same as the RPG system, Moon Design through in a cease and desist order.  On top of this it would appear that Gamezone didn’t produce evidence from Hasbro/Games Workshop that the 25th anniversary edition was done with their acknowledgement.  Sadly this was enough for Kickstarter to agree to the C&D after the whole thing ended up in court.

However not to be dissuaded Gamezone have re-released the game but using a Spanish crowd funding platform as nobody has any legal rights over the Heroquest name within Spain.  The game does indeed look like it’s a faithful reproduction of the classic game but with new miniatures, board sections and such like.  With 16 days remaining it’s already over 400% funded.

In truth I’m still not entirely positive that the game is going to go ahead – I really hope it does, but so far there hasn’t been any actual shots of completed miniatures, just 3d prints and lots of really nice artwork.  It looks like it wraps up around the 8th February, so I’ll likely have a look then to see if I can justify backing it.  I reckon you’re talking around the £80 mark for the base game and shipping to the UK, however you really would be looking at the £115 for the top level including stretch goals.


Creature Caster Kickstarter

Blimey my first 2014 post!  Can’t believe that January is flying past quite as quickly as it is.  Fear not, although posts have been slow I have been doing some work on my Space Wolves (although not as much as I’d like) and almost have a Predator and Rhino ready for undercoating (magnetised so I can switch weapons around of course).  I’ve also dug out another two unassembled Razorbacks and have found another Rhino and Razorback (though one is missing it’s tracks), a three Land Raiders and another two drop-pods…  I’m intending on undercoating some of these fairly soon so they’re ready for paint.  I need to sort out the chest scrolls on two Blood Claws and then the whole unit is ready for faces and hair to be painted – I can then move onto the first squad of Grey Hunters and get those to the same stage (more quickly as there are less of them) and do the faces and hair in one hit.

I’m going to get a fur tutorial up this week as well, I’ve finally managed to get step-by-step photos taken so will crop them down and sort that out.

Anyway enough procrastinating! The reason for this post is that a chap who used to work at Ultraforge miniatures (the company that has brought us various large scale models – things like greater daemons) has set up his own company called “Creature Caster” and is releasing a Kickstarter on the 1st February to kick everything off.  It looks like he’s doing 3d sculpts that are being cast in resin and the actual previews look pretty nice.

It appears that he’s considering doing normal sized miniatures at some point too.  The thing that appeals to me is that he’s creating nice looking miniatures rather than miniatures for a game system.  Personally this is one to watch and I’m looking forward to seeing the Kickstarter launched and see what you can get for your money.