Cherries and Candies

Test Shoulder on KnightI’m starting to enjoy this 52 week challenge!  Week 3’s targets have been comfortably achieved and I’ve done a few other bits to boot!

Firstly I’ve created myself a Twitter account.  Although I’m generally against “personal” Twitter accounts where people post up the fact they’ve just made a sandwich or gone to the toilet, I can’t deny how easy it is to post up work in progress shots in comparison to every other method out there, plus hash-tagging as you go means it’s really easy to share pictures within the appropriate circles.  Secondly I’ve started up a WIP of my Knights on the 30k Forums.  I joined up months ago but in an effort to keep a bit of momentum going thought it made sense to start a WIP and get my face known a bit more. Continue reading “Cherries and Candies”

Week 2 Challenge – Walk Upon the Cracked Earth!

Knights Banner

Rocket Pod - Magnet 1Rocket Pod - Magnet 2I have a somewhat smug feeling currently having quite comfortably completed my Week 2 goals! All three Imperial Knights chassis/skeletons have been finished as far as I can without the armour plates in place. On top of this I’ve managed to magnetise the rocket pod onto the back of one of the carapaces. I ended up using four magnets in total, with three different sizes. Unlike other solutions, the magnet in the rocket pod is actually drilled and glued in place, most others just cut the stalk off and superglue a magnet that I’m sure snaps off fairly regularly.

I’ve done a little bit of work on one of the bases and have cut up parts from an old Tau tank and glued some in place along with some little crystals I picked up. I’ll need to make sure that I don’t go overboard with Xenos bits and pieces as I’m hoping to be able to use my Knights as part of a 30k Questoris Household.

My Week 3 challenge is going to need to be a little more flexible because the temperature in the UK has dropped quite a bit which prevents using spray primers and similar.

Prepare all armour plates (decorations, gap filling, washing) – including spares
a) Undercoat all armour plates Chaos Black
b) Complete all 3 bases

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The Dust Settles on Week 1

Tidy Desk

Week 1 of my 52 Week Challenge has gone fairly well although it has rolled over a little due to the sheer scale of the amount of tidying and sorting I’ve had to do. Significant quantities of sorting, binning and re-arranging has occurred and I’ve now got numerous piles of old miniatures that have been bundled up and need to be passed onto new homes. Last night I finally sorted out my two modelling areas so they’re usable again and a lot of the bits underneath the desks have been relocated into better homes.

So what’s my Week Two challenge?

Finish Tidying & Complete Imperial Knight Skeletons

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52 Week Challenge

#gw52Keeping motivated is probably one of the biggest challenges people face in most walks of life. For somebody like myself (and likely you) who paints and models, it’s very easy to get distracted by a new iOS game (I’m looking at you Freeblade), long running favourite game (Elite Dangerous for me) or other real life commitments (damn you dirty laundry mountain and injuries). People have lots of different ways of keeping going, I’ve heard some people who remove all potential distractions (including TV) and others who use painting as a reward after they’ve completed their ‘chores’. I’ve never had much success with other peoples methods yet, so I’m going to try something I saw being promoted by a couple of Warhammer Stores on Facebook – the 52 Week Challenge (#GWfor52).


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Happy New 2016!

Well the festive season came and went in a blur.  Sadly a combination of having to work between Christmas and New Year and various family commitments has meant two “missed” blog Sundays and a reduction in general painting time, but such things happen.  In an effort to rectify this I will be doing a mid-week post on my 52 Week Challenge 🙂

Before Christmas I decided to have a small detour from my Imperial Knights and grabbed the Terminators from my box of Space Hulk.  As much as I enjoy painting red (and green) I don’t often paint it with my current choice of armies and miniatures.  I’ve also been watching the Painting Buddha Ultramarine videos recently (I’m a PB backer and Patreon so get the HD videos) and this has inspired me to try and paint using blends and pushing the shadows more than I have done on my Space Wolves army.

Flesh Tearer Montage 1

I’m very happy with the result and I feel it’s improved my use of my wet palette and getting colours right.  The picture doesn’t quite show the depth of colour I’ve managed to achieve so far, the second miniature is actually better!  I shall now veer off at a tangent on the subject of techniques…

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