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White Dwarf Changes

MagazinesRumours came out about 3 weeks back that Games Workshop were looking to get rid of their White Dwarf magazine and replace it with something different.  Initially there were quite a few different rumours, but GW confirmed a week and a bit ago that they were going to be taking White Dwarf over to a new weekly format and to replace the monthly offering with a new magazine called “Warhammer Visions”, which would contain lots of photos of fantastically painted miniatures.  All existing subscribers would be converted over to Visions but for the first issue we’d also receive a copy of the weekly one too – just so we can see what it’s about.  Those two publications arrived on Saturday, so I’ve had time to go through them and give you my opinion.

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Review – White Dwarf November 2012 (393)

First off one thing that I’ve realised is White Dwarf no longer promote an issue number and have instead gone for a calendar month as the issue identifier.  This is likely to make it easier to manage internally – I know it’s the reason we do so where I work.

This issue follows a similar layout to last month but down to 136 pages (last month was 152), matte and spot glossed cover and a pair of fold out pages which gives a huge quadruple page spread of the latest “big” miniatures.  This month the magazine comes with a Warriors of Chaos “army” leaflet and the usual Christmas gift guide.  Unlike the last issue all of the Warriors of Chaos have been photographed with icy blue backgrounds rather than the lava red they used for the demons.  I actually quite like this new style as it does add quite a bit of atmosphere to the photos and moved it away from “box product shot” into a little scene that is unique to White Dwarf.

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